September 17, 2021

FERC Delays Release of EIS on the Golden Pass Pipeline Project

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) has revised the release date on an environmental impact statement (EIS) for Golden Pass Products, LLC and Golden Pass Pipeline, LLC’s Golden Pass Liquefied Natural Gas Export Project, FERC said on Jan. 29.

FERC set a new release date of the final EIS on July 29, moving the 90-day federal authorization decision deadline out to Oct. 27.

FERC noted it would be informing the relevant agencies if any additional schedule changes become necessary.

The previous release date for the EIS on the proposed project was scheduled for Mar. 4.

Golden Pass is seeking approval for construction and operation of its proposed LNG export facility in Sabine Pass, Texas. Additionally, the project calls for modifications to its already existing interstate pipeline.

According to the company’s application, the Golden Pass Pipeline Project proposes:

  • Installation of two 5,583 horsepower electric-driven centrifugal natural gas compressors at its proposed Compressor Station MP 1,
  • Installation of two 8,997 horsepower gas turbine powered centrifugal natural gas compressor units at the proposed Compressor Station MP 33,
  • Installation of five 15,128 horsepower as well as two 8,475 horsepower has turbine powered centrifugal natural gas compressor units at its proposed Compressor Station MP 66.
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