GE’s First Industry-focused R&D Center Unveiled in Oklahoma City

GE recently unveiled its Oil and Gas R&D Center in Oklahoma City, Okla. The 125,000 square foot facility will be used for creating new technologies for the oil and gas industry.

The center is GE’s first sector-specific global research facility, a place where scientists and engineers will collaborate with the O&G industry to create innovative solutions.

Lorenzo Simonelli, CEO of GE Oil & Gas, said in a statement that GE believes “a strong commitment to R&D will help our oil and gas customers find new efficiencies to work through tough market conditions and lead to transformational opportunities for the industry to thrive long-term.  The new technology center in Oklahoma City will accelerate innovation; it’s where we can bring the full power of digital solutions and technology from across GE’s industrial businesses to advance the Oil & Gas industry.”

In an interview featured on the company’s website, Michael Ming, general manager of the GE O&G technology center, stated: “We’ll address the industry’s most pressing problems…that could be from how you drill or complete a well, to how you produce a well.”

The unveiling comes at a crucial time for many energy companies as they continue to search for new measures to streamline operations. Efficiency is now the top priority for most energy companies, and innovations such as GE’s emission-detecting drone, known as “Raven,” which was revealed at the opening of the center, will hopefully yield positive results for firms operating in the oil industry.


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