Going Digital Is Another Way To Thrive Despite Lower-For-Longer Oil & Gas Prices

Oil and gas companies have made significant strides over the past few years doing more with less in a lower-for-longer price environment, but one area remains ripe for reinvention: their information technology platforms and systems. Because producers, midstream companies and refiners are built to find, move and split hydrocarbons, they…

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Author Profile
Executive Vice President & Chief Product and Technology Officer -

Tyson Greer leads the Software organization at Quorum and is responsible for product and technology direction in addition to overseeing innovation, engineering, product management & customer success across the company’s entire portfolio of software solutions serving the energy value chain. With over 15 years in both technology and energy, he brings a unique depth and breadth of experience across both domains to the role in addition to a proven track record of innovation and leading high performing teams. While at Quorum he has filled a variety of roles including product management, software development, solutions consulting and leading Quorum’s Energy Transportation and Marketing vertical. Mr. Greer holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Mississippi State University.

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