Oilman Cartoon - GOM Cutting Platform Maintenance Cost with SPAM

Oilman Cartoon – GOM Cutting Platform Maintenance Cost with SPAM

The power of SPAM, and I am not talking about emails. In the time before electronic devices conquered the world, the word SPAM had a different meaning. It was canned pork, consisting of an assorted mixture of pork pieces, and that is about all I wanted to know about it….

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Steve Burnett has been working in the oil industry since the age of 16. He started out working construction on a pipeline crew and after retirement, finishes his career as a Pipeline Safety Compliance Inspector. He has a degree in art and watched oil and art collide in his career to form the “Crude Oil Calendars.” He also taught in the same two fields and believes that while technology has advanced, the valuable people at the core of the industry and the attributes they encompass, remain the same. With a humorist for a father, he also learned that a dose of comedy makes everything better. The major influences on his cartooning style were the Ace Reid Cowpokes cartoons, the Dirk West sports cartoons and V.T. Hamlin's Alley Oop comic.

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