How IoT Platforms Pandemic-Proof Oil and Gas Facilities

How IoT Platforms Pandemic-Proof Oil and Gas Facilities

As with all critical industries worldwide, the pandemic has disrupted the oil and gas industries beyond just sinking prices. To maintain social distancing guidelines and prevent COVID-19 spread, the global oil and gas industry took the biggest hit as companies either stopped or slowed down physical operations. This affected production…

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Chief Technology Officer -

Michael C. Skurla is the Chief Technology Officer of Radix IoT– offering limitless monitoring and management rooted in intelligence–and has over two decades’ experience in control automation and IoT product design with fortune 500 companies. He is a contributing member of CABA, ASHRAE, IES Education, and USGBC and a frequent lecturer on the evolving use of analytics and emerging IT technologies to foster efficiency within commercial facility design.

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