How to Get & Stay #Connected Starting with #Twitter

A Report From #TheTrenches

#ItsOfficial *The end of summer is near! #SchoolSupplies R on sale & the temperature hit 97 degrees today! Feeling as though it was over 100, I’m #Thankful there isn’t a shortage of pools in #TX!!!:) #BeatTheHeat & dive in, it’s #PoolParty #Time!!!

I hope you will join me & dive into the #SMpool on #Twitter as well!:)

It’s easy to do! Log on right now & create an account if you haven’t already! The process is quick & I’m going to share a few basic things w/you that I have learned along the way, to make getting started a cinch!

#1stThings1st! Think of #Twitter as your own personal #RadioBroadcast *Where every tweet is #1connection *An opportunity to #Interact, #Connect & do business w/people #AcrossEarth! #Imagine every tweet as an email or a virtual conversation in #RealTime! #Tweet w/associates, friends & family by strategically following people who are in your industry, have the same interests as you & support you no matter what! #Twitter is the perfect place to #Network with #LikemindedPeople & #Advertise your business for #Free!

Let’s talk about #HowItWorks!:) When you set up a #TwitterAccount/Profile, your profile starts w/the @ sign. This is how people tweet you directly & how you connect w/them in return. Make sure to pick something specific such as your name or the name or your company so that people can easily find you. Your #Image aka #Branding is the most important element & should always be kept @ the forefront of all you do. Use #Logos, #Images & #Content that are consistent w/other Social Media platforms that you currently use. You want people to recognize you & your company right away! I suggest creating 2 twitter accounts. One account for your company & one account for you personally. I believe having both is essential to #Networking because it shows people that you are a #RealPerson & gives them a good idea of who you are & what your company is all about!

Each #Tweet has a maximum of 140 Characters. You can include a picture or video along with text in a #Tweet Get #Creative! #Plan & #Personalize your #Tweets! *Let #Twitter be a #Soundtrack #Reflecting & #Promoting your #Message, #Vision & #Goals! Engage your #Followers w/company & personal news, Tweet links to your website, products & blog, insights & ideas, pictures & videos! Launch a campaign across all of your #SM platforms, do promotions, attach coupons or write a newsletter, but most importantly of all, keep the conversation going! #Connect w/others by retweeting & commenting on their content, favoriting their tweets, tweeting them directly & direct messaging them as well. Please note: In order to DM someone they must be following you. Remember to use your #Manners & show #Gratitude by #Thanking & #Promoting people in your group! #StayFocused & you will #Build a #Network that is #Professional, #Profitable & #Fun!

I’ve seen it, but what does a # really mean? The pound/# sign is now called a “Hashtag”. A #Hashtag is in a sense part of computer language and is used as another way of communicating & or filing specific information. If you want to mention, reference, highlight or amplify something use the # sign before the word or group of words. Doing this will turn that word or phrase into a searchable link. The #(Hashtag) groups these words together & files them neatly onto #OneStream. You can click on a hashtag to see all the posts that mention that word/hashtag in #RealTime. So, exactly how many hashtag’s are acceptable in a tweet? From what I’ve read, the general consensus seems to be one to three per tweet. I encourage you to #Create a #Unique #Hashtag that represents your company or cause and use it in your #Tweets!

Through #Twitter I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet w/industry professionals in person & do business. This month I was #Blessed to have a welcome meeting w/Terry @wrightsprinting who took me on a tour of their plant! Wright’s Printing & Marketing is #Innovative & uses cutting edge technology to personalize every experience! They are a #OneStopShop for all of your commercial printing & marketing needs! #WP&M is truly a #FirstClass operation! Get ready to be #Impressed!!!

Wright’s Printing & Marketing, The Woodlands, TX

Hey! A little birdie told me that using hashtags is a good way to meet new people! #TweetMe @nvestnthefuture or @CleanEnergyChem w/your favorite or newly created #Hashtags Let’s #Connect!!!:)

Courtesy of Jessica N. Byrd, CEO @CleanEnergyChem

Take 2: A Report From #EDSHouston – A correction in the July/August 2014 issue – page 7, 2nd paragraph, 5th line, we rescind the word #Google *We thought we saw Google @EDS but that sighting was later denied. There sure was a lot of swag in the room that night!!!

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