Improving Well Safety with Accurate, Real-Time Condensate Detection

Improving Well Safety with Accurate, Real-Time Condensate Detection

Condensate can easily be detected and quantified in a laboratory setting. However, real-time condensate detection, especially in the field, has been an elusive goal. Why is condensate detection important? The simple answer is safety. The ramifications of undetected condensate impinging upon frac and trucking assets can be explosive. Many of…

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Business Development and Sales Director -

Zachary Susko, business development and sales director for Comtech Industries Incorporated, is an upstream energy professional with 10 years’ experience working in the water and waste space. Throughout his tenure, Susko has worked alongside the Comtech R&D team to deliver innovative new technologies that help solve critical problems that afflict exploration and production companies within our basins. Susko holds an undergraduate degree in economics from Ohio State University, and is currently finishing his Master of Business Administration program from Duquesne University.

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