Innovation in the Face of a Tough Market: It’s Time to Attend a Trade Show

It’s time for oil and gas professionals to defeat the downturn by ensuring efficiency and profitability. It’s time to attend a trade show.

Trade shows offer unique benefits for oil and gas professionals who, due to market conditions, are looking to strategically implement cost-savings:

  • See improvements applied to tried and true technologies: Moji Karimi of Weatherford made several suggestions in this Oil Pro article on how drillers can cut costs by exploring their drilling operations and applying innovative, proven technologies to their process. “Cost saving mode is not the best time for science trial projects,” Karimi said. Speaking to several providers on the trade show floor ensures attendees are getting trusted solutions, for the best price.
  • When vendors compete, attendees win: One of the reasons companies exhibit in trade shows is for the opportunity to gain face-time with potential prospects and illustrate why their products and services are superior to the competition. Hundreds of companies competing with one another to earn business, on neutral territory, equals a win for buyers and is something that only a trade show can provide.
  • Build partnerships with a handshake, instead of the “Send” button: No, this is not just nostalgia; industry decision-makers credit face-to-face interaction as one of the most important factors in building and deepening strategic partnerships. These types of relationships have the power to provide drillers and operators what they need, when they need it and can often mean the difference between increasing production or incurring NPT.

When considering attending a trade show, it’s important to consider the price of admission. Often, conference tracks with trade shows attached will have steep admission fees to cover the cost of speakers. Expos, or shows that are focused solely on deal-making and trade, typically offer affordable or complimentary admission to industry professionals.

To see an extensive list of oil and gas trade shows and conferences, check out For more information on Texas Classic Productions’ 2016 Oilfield Expo Series, go to or contact us at (866) 918-5550. And connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for industry news, updates and more.

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Amy Double is the Creative Director for Texas Classic Productions, the company that produces and manages the Oilfield Expo Series. Shows in the 2015 Series include the South Texas Oilfield Expo, the OKC Oilfield Expo and the Houston Oilfield Expo. For  more information, email  or call (866) 918-5550.

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