Letter from the Publisher... America's Prosperity

Letter from the Publisher… America’s Prosperity

July-August 2014

As the weather starts to heat up and we enjoy fireworks and Fourth of July festivities, I think it’s fitting to remember how our country became the world leader it is. We shouldn’t hide the fact that the oil and gas industry has been the reason behind this nation’s economic growth and dominance over the last 150 years; and it is the only realistic, sustainable resource we have to secure our future and pull other less fortunate out of existing poverty.

Yes, we’re in the middle of an energy boom. Beyond the record-breaking headlines are the real-life benefits for U.S. taxpayers, consumers, and businesses. Not to mention the thousands of jobs that innovations in hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling have created even through recession, while other sectors of the economy struggled. The fact is that affordable, abundant energy is great for our country and vital in securing our future. We cannot reflect back years from now as the time we didn’t secure our energy independence effectively insulating ourselves from more volatile areas of the world— which let’s face it, aren’t getting better anytime soon.

America’s path to energy security is clear. The good news is our ability to achieve that goal rests on decisions here at home. The bad news is those decisions also lie in the hands of policymakers who must determine whether U.S. energy policy will be guided by political ideology or public interest. The answer is clear. It is our energy and ultimately — we hold the key to a prosperous, secure future.

Drill on..
Luke McDonald
OILMAN Magazine Publisher

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