Jason Spiess answering questions at an API Dickinson Meeting

Living the Crude Life – May/June 2021

Ron Gusek, president, Liberty Oilfield Services“The electric frac is a fantastic step forward. I don’t think it’ll displace the industry overnight but slowly but surely. You know we have gas ready and available to consume over there in the field and with a little bit of processing, an electric system enables us the ability to do that with an incredibly low emissions footprint, so it is the next generation of frac technology probably together with tier four dual fuel.”

Ron Gusek, president, Liberty Oilfield Services

“There’s a budding symbiotic relationship between the Bitcoin mining industry and the oil and gas industry and the symbiotic relationships [are] going to make both industries more resilient and specifically from an ESG and a PR perspective. Like the Bitcoin mining – since miners are willing to show up to the source of these molecules – can significantly help reduce flare in the oil patches and by extension help turn the tides of the PR onslaught that’s going on from a climate perspective.”

Marty Bent, Great American Mining Company, and co-host of Tales from the Crypt podcast

Israel Aguirre, TRC Construction

“In this community, you have a lot of corporate and a lot of mom and pop. What I liked about TRC was that it was a family-owned business. Terry and Rose Carter are the owners. Now, I think that’s what TRC (Terry Rose Carter) stands for but they say it’s some other slogan, but what I do know is that I can trust TRC and so can others.”

Israel Aguirre, TRC Construction

Jason Spiess answering questions at an API Dickinson Meeting

“I do think it will help the industrial image; additionally, I think it will help a number of economies. There is a major shift happening. Every sector of oil and gas is going through a paradigm shift. From HR to drilling science to fluid flows, changes are happening, and they are happening in environmental action and industrial integrity, too. And yes, I know what you are talking about when you say Big Oil is Big Tobacco. But that’s a very short-sighted way to look at it. You don’t drive your car with Marlboros and Joe Camel doesn’t heat your home. In my opinion, this is another version of the NIMBY argument. Further to that thread and narrative is this idea that the planet is going to end in 10 years. I happen to find it bizarre that leaders are enabling this doomsday prediction.”

Jason Spiess answering questions at an API Dickinson Meeting

Kathleen Sgamma, president, Western Energy Alliance“Western Energy Alliance felt a little lonely for a while, but now we’re in great company. We’re very pleased that 14 states have filed lawsuits today against an executive order that so clearly exceeds presidential authority. Western Energy Alliance, representing a land-locked region, is focused on the onshore aspects of the President’s ban on leasing, so we’re pleased to see the Louisiana AG leading the charge offshore. We especially appreciate that the state of Wyoming has filed its lawsuit in the district [court] for Wyoming so that we have more firepower focused there on the onshore leasing ban. I hope other states consider joining the litigation in Wyoming as well. Since the onshore leasing ban alone will cost states $8.3 billion in revenue over just the President’s first term, there’s a strong imperative for states to get legally involved.”

Kathleen Sgamma, president, Western Energy Alliance

Rocky Johnson, 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating

“How many bad decisions are made after six or seven Old Fashions around midnight?”

Rocky Johnson, 4 Warriors Hydro Excavating

“Pipelines are really critical. Just look out in West Texas right now and what’s going on with all the roads freezing and everything. If we solely depended on truck and rail to transport our crude oil and our gas, we’d be at a standstill right now. There’s very limited driving out there in West Texas.”

Adam Perkins, president, Permian Basin Association of Pipeliners

“Yes, sir, he’s a black lab and his name is Crash. He’s actually my first pipeline leak detection dog. It’s basically a black lab, thinking that he’s a Belgian Malinois. But labs are also definitely one of the top breeds within the detection community depending on what the agency organization are using. It does give the appearance of a more gentler kind of friendlier dog out there within the public, so labs are actually very popular within the detection.”

Dwayne Farris, Black Creek K9 Pipeline Leak Detection

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