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Happy New Year!

I hope you and your family are having a #Safe, #Happy and #Prosperous #NewYear! One of the greatest aspects of the New Year is the universal consciousness of making a resolution, and therefore, making a change. The dictionary defines the word resolution in two ways; A formal expression of opinion or intention made and a decision or determination.

The word change is defined as something different from what it is or from what it would be if it were left alone and also to #Transform. Making a resolution is a #GreatWay to not only start a new year, but also to start any month, week or day! It inspires us to do and try new things, meet new people, and evolve as human beings. Even though change can be difficult at times, it ultimately allows us to learn, grow, and see things in a new light.

We now live in what is commonly referred to as the #InformationEra. The way information is readily available at our fingertips has dramatically changed not only the way we communicate with each other, but also how we do business.

The development and acceleration of technology has given us many tools to do business more efficiently and effectively. #SocialMedia is a tool that has brought us together by providing a platform that gives us the ability to reach and do business with an infinite amount of people #AcrossTheWorld. In #Honor of the New Year, I’d like to introduce you to a few new tools that you can add to your #TwitterToolbox.

In search of information? #Topsy is a great tool and you don’t have to be a registered member to use it. In a sense it is Google (a search engine) for Twitter. Type a word in the search box and it will search all the tweets about your topic. It is more in-depth than simply using the Twitter search box because it also displays the analytics that include a trending graph. You will be able to see the latest results for your topic over the past hour, day, seven days, and 30 days or for all time.

The default search is set to include everything, but you can narrow your search of information further by clicking on links, tweets, photos, videos or influencers. It also displays results in 10 different languages, which allows anyone to easily research or tap into the #GlobalMarket in their industry. I use a translator app to read information, industry news and posts in other languages, as it allows me to learn new things and #Connect with people around the world.

Need help managing your list of followers? Twitter has guidelines, and in the beginning, it only allows you to follow 2,000 users. Each Twitter account is based on the ratio of followers to people that you are following. Once you are following 2,000 users, if you don’t have more than 2,000 followers, you will not be able to follow more users until you yourself have more followers. This formula is considered having a healthy ratio.

#Tweepi is a tool that works to keep your account ratio healthy and helps you eliminate people who no longer use Twitter, don’t engage with you or don’t follow you in return.

Do you have multiple Twitter accounts? #TweetDeck could be the tool for you. It allows you to monitor multiple timelines in one easy interface and streams each timeline in real time so you never miss a beat or have to refresh. This is a great time management tool for the multi-user, as it also allows you to schedule tweets to be posted in the future. If you use multiple social media platforms, #Hootsuite is a great tool that manages all of your accounts through one interface.

Things to Know

When do I use the Messaging Option? When you follow someone, sometimes you will notice that they use an auto message welcoming you as their follower. These auto messages appear very spammy and usually direct you to follow them on another social media platform, direct you to their website or a video, and at times, they even ask you to buy something. The general consensus of properly using the messaging option is to only use messaging after you know somebody and have developed a relationship with them on your main feed. It’s important that your Twitter is #Authentic and #Personal.

Answering all of your @ replies is extremely important. It creates #Connections and helps to #Build your following. If you start a Tweet with the @ symbol, the user you are tweeting will be the only one to see the message. Using the @ symbol at the beginning of a Tweet is for a direct conversation with another user.

It will show up on your home stream but not in the main feed that everyone sees. If you want everyone to see what you are Tweeting with that person or business you can use another character prior to the @ symbol such as (.) or a (>) symbol and it will show up in the main feed.

The secret to making your #Tweets soar this year: Use 2 hashtags (#) per #Tweet! Using hashtags has proven to double the audience engagement rate! Three great Social Media things to think about in the #NewYear: #Growth, #Connections and #Hashtags.

*Lets #Connect! Tweet me @nvestnthefuture or @CleanEnergyChem with your favorite thing about #ThisNewYear!

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