October 20, 2021

Mission Vets Helps Bridge the Gap Between the End of Service and Beginning of Civilian Life

Mission Vets was formed after the VA decided to cut funding to B2O, sighting a law passed right after the Vietnam era conflict, that said schools had to wait 2 years before being eligible for federal funding. The intent was to limit all the mom and pop schools that sprung up taking advantage of the government money, and not really helping Vets.

Well in the case of B2O; they had a 97% placement rate, and despite the fact that PEC has been in the education/safety business for over 20 years, the VA didn’t see fit to give them a waiver.

Given the fact that Vets are already having to wait months for their education and health benefits, due to backlogs and bureaucracy, and the high rate of Veteran suicides, (22 A DAY!)I thought it was ridiculous to make these heroes wait to get their education and a good job.

I decided to turn to the private sector to make them aware of the plight of our Vets, and to raise money to help these deserving heroes get on with their lives.

B2O has placed over 200 Veterans in jobs and is currently awaiting my efforts to fully fund and re-launch the program.

Find more information at http://www.missionvets.org/


“The funds I received for the B2O program saved and changed my life. It gave me a great career, awesome education that I got to put to use out here, and an even better financial future for my family! Thinking about going? Do it. Stop wasting time.” – Kelani “Tai” Velasco (pictured left) 

“After finishing the program, I actually got hired by [an oilfield training provider] as an instructor. I worked with them for 6 months on a major project and provided training in Houston as well. After 6 months, I got hired by [an oilfield contractor], which provides contract work to [a large operator]. I was working as their trainer/safety coach for a couple months, when they asked if I was interested in training to become a project lead, aka company man. That’s where I am right now. I’m currently in month 4 of 6 of training to be a company man for their facilities group which is in charge of building production facilities in the Eagle Ford area. The training from the B2O program was great and played a key role in my development. Best decision I’ve ever made!” – Francisco Javier Quezada (pictured right) 

See more testimonials – http://www.missionvets.org/testimonials/

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