What is National Energy Talk?

The History

First, the beginnings and history of National Energy Talk: In 1992, I founded and launched the first International Energy Policy Conference.  Since its inception, the conference has hosted dignitaries, Fortune 500 companies, industry experts, ambassadors, and delegations to discuss energy efficiency, environmental preservation, and the whys, hows and solutions of a national energy plan. The conference, which originally launched in the Oklahoma City area, has hosted events in Washington, D.C., Houston, Tulsa, Denver, and Dallas as well as other cities throughout the US.   

National Energy Talk Present and Future

We found, for example, that our Facebook wall “America Needs America’s Energy” has a following/likes of over 22,000 people across the US. Three regional oil and gas associations in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas have a combined total of 2,100 followers/likes on their Facebook pages.  Therefore, this is an example of an area that National Energy Talk can complement the industry and be an active voice on social media.  

With the launch of National Energy Talk (NET), what once was an annual conference has expanded into a media-driven platform with year-round engagement. Today, NET is helping lead a national dialogue on energy issues, view, and solutions through events, publications, video, audio and online content.  NET believes in the power of people: “Nothing moves without energy.”

NET is National

National Energy Talk is a platform engaging a national dialogue on energy issues, views and solutions. We address the needs, plans and issues that all types of energy face today. Through discussion, we can create a national energy vision.

Join the Talk

The founding principle of NET remains steadfast: the availability of reasonably priced energy is paramount to the economic and business development both in the United States and in other countries around the world. Your involvement can help continue to bring about this change.

A National Energy Conversation in the Heartland

National Energy Talk is excited to launch officially on May 1st, 2017.  Many thanks to Exploring Energy Radio Show for airing the announcement and to Oilman Magazine and GTR Newspapers for their great support through our columns!

The 2017 events will proceed as follows: June/July in Elk City, Oklahoma, (which happens to be where I began my work experience in the oil and gas industry 40 years ago, June 1st, 1977), with an industry appreciation Bar-B-Que and keynote address and in Tulsa, a higher education event and roundtable; September: Edmond, Ok., State and Federal Energy Dialogue Lecture and Roundtable; and October: Oklahoma City, an awards ceremony with keynote speaker and roundtable.  

Future Goals

It is important that the message is national in scope. Therefore, future goals include visits/events in Detroit-2018, Washington, D.C.-2019, and Houston-2020.  

Get Involved

The website,, will launch this summer.  For more information:  Attn. Mark Stansberry, The Energy Advocates, P O Box 5432, Edmond, Ok., 73083, 405-715-1917, 877-715-1917

“Future generations are depending on us. —  The time has come for all of us, the people, to take control of our energy future here in America!”

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