Patent Pending On Danos Solar Chemical Injection System

Product Showcase: Danos

Danos has invented a solar powered, continuous chemical injection system (CCIS) that significantly improves upon existing systems. By leveraging its expertise in both solar power and hydraulics, the company has created an improved solar powered chemical injection system that delivers more accurate injection rates, fewer power failures and greater fluid capacity.

Prior to the invention, existing solar power options had limited pumping capacity and were not capable of true continuous injection at higher volumes. While working with customers at remote locations, Danos’ automation services experts recognized the need for an improved solar powered CCIS. With this new patentable design, Danos customers can now achieve injection rates of more than 100 gallons per day, at pressures of more than 1,200 PSI, and with accurate power consumption predictions that allow for proper sizing of solar systems. 

Danos engineers developed and tested a prototype unit that delivers twice the fluid capacity with 99-percent injection rate accuracy. The company has filed for a patent for the CCIS which is now in production and available to customers around the world.

“This solar-powered system is a dramatic improvement over previous chemical injection options,” said Felix Dominique, manager of automation services for Danos. “Now, wellstream chemical treatments in even the most remote areas can be conducted far more efficiently and effectively using energy from the sun.”

About Danos – Founded in 1947, Danos is a family-owned and managed oilfield service provider. A trusted industry partner, Danos offers the most responsive end-to-end integrated service solutions – safe, on time and on budget. Danos achieves world-class safety results and customer loyalty due to a values-based approach and an unyielding commitment to employee engagement and training. Learn more at

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