SportChassis LLC

SportChassis LLC

SportChassis is an American brand of heavy duty pickups built in Clinton, Oklahoma. Their name goes hand and hand with luxury, strength, and pride. SportChassis LLC is recognized by the United States Department of Transportation as the Original Equipment Manufacturer of the SportChassis vehicle.

The SportChassis product unites luxury crafted amenities with the power and durability of a single axle Freightliner chassis, which requires no special operator’s license. The ride enhancement package, an automatic push button transmission, leather seating, keyless entry, and a state of the art multimedia system are just a few of the luxury features you will find in every SportChassis. The SportChassis product is available in six standard paint colors and three upholstery color schemes. There are over 250 upgrades available such as four-wheel drive, a brush guard, perimeter lighting, and in-cab Wi-Fi to customize units. The luxurious SportChassis cab is available in three body styles, each ready to tackle a multitude of needs.

Every SportChassis is built on the Freightliner M2 Chassis with a crew cab configuration. There are 42 proprietary features on every SportChassis build sheet that can’t be found on other haulers. The SportChassis Ride Enhancement Package with an air ride cab & front seating makes for a cloud like experience. Every SportChassis RHA114-350 utilizes a Cummins ISC 350hp/1050lb-ft torque engine and an Allison TRV 3200 6 speed push button automatic transmission with tow/haul mode three stage engine/exhaust compression brake for the powertrain.

The interior of every SportChassis receives multiple layers of sound deadening / insulating material, an in-dash touch screen / voice activated multimedia stereo system AM/FM/satellite radio with USB, Bluetooth, & auxiliary integration. Every truck comes equipped with a premium sound stage with a powerful console mounted subwoofer, navigation system and a rear observation integrated with in dash display of the stereo. Rear passengers can isolate themselves with a 120V power source, isolated wireless headphones, A/V game inputs and a flip down 15” screen.

The primary focus at SportChassis LLC is to build the finest line of heavy duty pickups in the world. SportChassis has led the market and pushed the standards of a cross country hauler to new heights by continuously creating new trends in the heavy duty pickup market. SportChassis thoughtfully included a multitude of luxury car comfort features with a long lasting Freightliner M2 chassis. The SportChassis product has been pulling Americas dreams since 1997 and has innovated the towing industry with its quiet air ride cab, Italian leather seating, and state of the art voice/touch screen multimedia systems. SportChassis owners know that when trailering heavy loads, it is not about how much a vehicle can pull but rather how well a vehicle can control its load. SportChassis also offers its own in-house financing to help simplify the purchase. Visit to find out why a SportChassis should be your next pickup.

SportChassis LLC
2300 South 13th Street
Clinton, Oklahoma 73601

Office:  580-323-4100
Fax:  580-323-4111
Toll Free:  800-358-7624

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