Why bbl? Energy Units in the USA and Other Countries

Why bbl? Energy Units in the USA and Other Countries

History tells that in the past Standard Oil company – for the sake of distinguishing – painted barrels that were used to carry crude oil in blue color (while those for kerosene – in red). Therefore, the first letter “b” stands for “blue.” But this is a non-grounded myth as…

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Professor - Moscow State University for International Relations

Eugene M. Khartukov is a professor at the Moscow State Institute/University for International Relations, (MGIMO), head of the Moscow-based Center for Petroleum Business Studies (CPBS) and of the World Energy Analyses and Forecasting Group (GAPMER), and vice president (for Eurasia) of the Geneva-based Petro-Logistics S.A. He is the author and co-author of over 360 scientific publications and speaker at more than 170 international oil, gas, energy or economic fora. Email: khartukov@gmail.com

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