AGE Developments’ fishing tool. Photo courtesy of AGE Developments

Why Drill a New Well When You Can Reactivate an Inactive Well?

The production of hydrocarbons is the most essential part of the energy world since, from this, hydrocarbons are obtained and delivered for the different processes they go through to generate the products we use on a daily basis. This production is nothing more than the rational exploitation of oil and…

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Author Profile

Juan Zambrano has around 3 years of experience in the oil industry, working in the following areas; reservoir engineering, support engineer for a petrophysical environmental corrections in a petrophysics program and geomechanic engineering. Working in several projects, such as, developing a 1D geomechanical model, a Phase 1 reservoir model and serving as a consultant in a petrophysical app development. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Petroleum Engineering and currently coursing a Masters in Petroleum Engineering.

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