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Federal Government Overreach Attacked On Many Fronts #OilmanNEWS 2017-May-June Alex Mills 

Federal Government Overreach Attacked On Many Fronts

The President, Congress, and the Texas Legislature all have been very active in implementing executive orders, legislation, resolutions, and letters to reduce the federal government’s massive regulatory overreach. It all started with President Trump’s State of the Union address on Feb. 28, in which he said economic recovery must begin by reducing massive regulations on American businesses. The next day... Read More
Exploring for Freedom! 2017 March-April Mark A. Stansberry 

Exploring for Freedom!

In the book “Fueling Freedom,” authors Stephen Moore and Kathleen Hartnett White explain their views by addressing “the madness of the green war on abundant energy”: Why the idea of replacing fossil fuel energy with medieval technologies of wind, solar power, and biomass is a dangerous fantasy How recent technological breakthroughs have made our supply of oil and gas virtually... Read More
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