New study forecasts higher oil prices #OilmanNEWS Alex Mills Contributors Oil and Gas News 

New Study Forecasts Higher Oil Prices

Crude oil prices have stalled recently, but one projection has prices rising because of tighter supplies and increased oil supply risks. The forecast comes from the Department of Energy’s Energy Information Administration (EIA), and it predicts that Brent crude oil will average $70 per barrel in 2019, which is higher than any previous forecast in 2019. “The 2019 Brent crude… Read More
Destenie McMillen and Colorado House of Representative Polly Lawrence at an energy industry meeting 2019 May-June Home Top Widget Rotation Jason Spiess 

Downturn by Legislation

On April 16 of this year, Governor Jared Polis signed Senate Bill 181 into law after what many consider one of the most controversial pieces of legislation in oil and gas history, as it met opposition from almost every Republican in the state of Colorado and the energy industry. The law took effect immediately, and changes the Colorado Oil &… Read More
Micrograph showing how SWS encapsulates crude oil petrochemicals E&P wastewater - produced water 2019 May-June Jason Spiess 

Be Aware of the Modern Day Snake Oil

The founder and CEO of BMA Biotech, Mark Bullock is no stranger to the oil and gas industry. Both Bullock’s step-father and father-in-law have both worked in the industry for over 40-years. So, it is little wonder how a small-town boy from the United Kingdom is now living in Sugar Land, Texas and providing highly effective products and sustainable services… Read More
Mark Stansberry 2019 May-June Mark A. Stansberry 

50 Years Later: The Impact of Discovery

Fifty years ago, in 1969, natural gas was found in tremendous commercial volumes at the GHK Company #1 Green well, completed at a depth of 24,147 feet in the Anadarko Basin. This is approximately a mile southeast of Elk City, Oklahoma, my hometown. In those fifty years, thanks to the beginning of exploration in the Anadarko Basin, natural gas has… Read More
US Oil, Gas Industry Sets Production, Export Records #OilmanNEWS Alex Mills Contributors Oil and Gas News Texas 

US Oil, Gas Industry Sets Production, Export Records

Texas has a reputation of being a leader in energy production from coast-to-coast. That reputation has grown internationally as Texas leads the nation with dramatic increases in oil and natural gas production and exports. The International Energy Agency (IEA) recently called the rise in production in Texas and the U.S. “the standout champion of global supply growth” and it expects… Read More
U.S. cancels waivers to Iranian oil sanctions #OilmanNEWS Alex Mills Contributors Oil and Gas News 

US Cancels Waivers to Iranian Oil Sanctions

Forty years ago Iran used the “oil weapon” against the United States as it sought to influence its support of Israel. Today, President Trump is using the “oil weapon” in an attempt to stop Iran’s attempt to develop nuclear capability. President Trump’s administration said on Monday any country purchasing oil from Iran after May 1 will face sanctions and all… Read More
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