2019 January-February Mark A. Stansberry 

America’s 2019 Energy Watch List

The beginning of 2018, my column- “America’s 2018 Energy Watch List” presented the “moving parts” which I believed would be the main focus regarding energy issues and policies: At that time among the moving parts were President Trump and the Republican led Congress, OPEC and the supporting non-OPEC countries, jobs, investments in the oil and gas sector, IPOs/mergers and acquisitions,… Read More
2019 January-February Joshua Robbins 

How to Get Deals Done in 2019

Between price volatility and the global economy most people are asking: How do I get a deal done? Because Beachwood is in the market all day, every day; I took some time to put together some quick guidelines to help you close in 2019. Use your company’s costs in place of data you don’t have access to. Just because you… Read More
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