Digital Checklists for every procedure leave no room for pencil whipping a report or changing a report. Like an EKG - it creates a digital fingerprint of every minute of the BOP and riser equipment. Evidence for the regulator, operators and drilling contractors of procedural compliance. Photos courtesy of Mike Fry 2020 January-February Home Bottom Widget Promo Offshore People 

Deepwater Subsea: The Long Journey from Macondo to 2020

From Paper Records to Digital Checklists and Digital Twins and an Electronic Ecosystem to Prevent the Next Macondo April 20, 2010: Mike Fry recalls that fateful night – “I was the Subsea superintendent for Transocean. I helped support several of our GoM deepwater fleet from a Subsea operations standpoint and technical field support. The Deepwater Horizon was one of them.… Read More
Is UK offshore energy industry doing enough to meet net- zero emissions by 2050? #OilmanNEWS Environmental Offshore Oil and Gas News 

Is UK Offshore Energy Industry Doing Enough to Meet Net-zero Emissions by 2050?

UK offshore industry body Oil and Gas UK (OGUK)’s recent report highlights both the general importance of striving for net-zero emissions and the role that the oil and gas industry has to play in that goal. Given the industry’s historic contributions to emissions and the steady move towards renewables, the report could be seen as a survival move as much… Read More

EPIC Crude Successfully Loaded its First Aframax-sized Vessel From its Inner Harbor Export Terminal

SAN ANTONIO, TX – EPIC Crude Holdings, LP is pleased to announce that one of its subsidiaries has loaded and launched the first shipment of crude oil from the IGC marine terminal located on the Inner Harbor of the Corpus Christi Ship Channel. The IGC terminal, formerly the International Grain Port Terminal, was repurposed by EPIC beginning in June 2019… Read More
Planning for IMO 2020: The Cost of Non-Compliance #OilmanNEWS Midstream Offshore Oil and Gas News 

Planning for IMO 2020: The Cost of Non-Compliance

On January 1, 2020, the new International Maritime Organization’s regulation—dubbed “IMO 2020”—for sulfur reduction from 3.5% to 0.5% will go into effect. The regulation stipulates that oceangoing vessels must use either a cleaner bunker fuel, have on-board gas stack scrubbers to clean the higher sulfur fuel or use an alternative marine fuel such as LPG, LNG or methanol. With the… Read More
O3b mPOWER will further strengthen the ability of offshore providers to capitalize on cloud services by delivering multi-gigabit, low-latency connectivity. 2019 November-December Offshore 

Driving Offshore Growth with Satellite Communications

Digitalization in the offshore market has begun to ramp up, with new technologies poised to deliver substantial costs savings and improved profitability to the industry. However, these technologies depend on the existence of robust and reliable connectivity – a challenge for many offshore operators, particularly as they venture into deeper waters that are frequently out of range of traditional terrestrial… Read More
Reflections from OTC 2019: Interviews with Newpark Drilling Fluids, Parker Hannifin and Brainnwave 2019 July-August Interviews Offshore 

Reflections from OTC 2019: Interviews with Newpark Drilling Fluids, Parker Hannifin and Brainnwave

This year’s Offshore Technology Conference marks its 50th anniversary. There were many interesting companies and one day is simply not enough to go over them all. I spoke with Newpark Drilling Fluids, Parker Hannifin and Brainwave at this year’s OTC. Everyone was excited about the opportunities in the oil and gas industry. To start, my first interview is with Tim… Read More
Oil Ships Which Rule The Waves 2019 July-August Offshore Transportation 

Oil Ships Which Rule The Waves

On January 8, 2019, a Vietnam-registered oil tanker Aulac Fortune has exploded and caught fire off the coast of Hong Kong’s Lamma Island, killing at least one person and leaving three missing. The largest oil tanker shipping companies in the world facilitate the majority of crude oil trade globally. They ship hundreds of billions of barrels of crude oil each year. An oil (or petroleum) tanker… Read More
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