2014 March-April OILMAN Pride 

Roughneck Holding Drill Bit

Roughneck Holding 1920s Era Drill Bit Long before the gas flows from the pump to the car the process of drilling for it has to start. Men made of steel willing to tackle a dangerous job worked rigs all over Texas looking to hit that gusher. Very little regard to safety was considered in the drilling effort. These images represent… Read More
Drill Pipe and Casing Loaded for the Job 2014 March-April OILMAN Pride 

Drill Pipe and Casing Loaded for the Job

Drill pipe and casing loaded for the job….1950s Photo courtesy of The Sloane Gallery, Houston, TX. Image for sale at www.sloanegallery.com or call 281-496-2212 If you hunt, fish or drill for oil in the state of Louisiana you probably are going to do it in or close to a body of water.  Vast saltwater lakes and shallow water marshes were no obstacle… Read More
oil and gas news 2014 March-April Louisiana Oklahoma Texas 

Will President Obama Use Two Small Birds to Limit Oil Drilling in the West?

Almost half the land west of the Mississippi belongs to the federal government, including 48% of California, 62% of Idaho and 81% of Nevada. No surprise that the Obama Administration wants to control more. But the result could be to suppress the country’s booming oil and gas development. In partnership with green activists, the Department of Interior may attempt one… Read More
Smitherman: Texas Could Break Oil Record by 2020 2014 March-April Texas 

Smitherman: Texas Could Break Oil Record by 2020

Texas Railroad Commission Chairman Barry Smitherman said Friday the shale revolution could drive the state’s oil production to record levels before the end of the decade. Oil production in Texas is now close to 2 million barrels a day. And Smitherman, speaking at the IHS CERAweek energy conference in Houston, said the state could be at 3 million barrels by… Read More
Energy Pushes Texas Exports To Highest Value Ever 2014 March-April Texas 

Energy Pushes Texas Exports To Highest Value Ever

Fueled by the rapid expansion of the oil and gas industry, Texas exports reached their highest value in history in 2013, jumping 5.6 percent over the previous year, according to new federal data. Texas is by far the nation’s largest exporter, moving $279.7 billion in merchandise from its borders last year. Nearly 39 percent of that value came from exports… Read More
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