Apr 19 - 20 2023


All Day

D&A 2023 GOM

Join the GOM’s most valuable decommissioning summit to access innovative operator best practice, regulatory insights and cutting edge technology with 300 decision makers to kick-start & enhance your 2023 campaigns

Session One – Market Forecast and Regulatory Update

  • Economic Factors – Understand how oil price trends & inflation impact the decommissioning & bandonment market to best prepare your business for 2023
  • Supply/Demand – Review active operators & service providers in the Gulf of Mexico to judge if capacity exists to plan and execute GOM abandonment to meet regulatory expectations
  • Regulatory – Review decommissioning and P&A regulatory focus to raise awareness of potential compliance gaps

Session Two – Environmental Concerns & Solutions

  • Rigs to Reefs – Compare cost, safety exposure, environmental, and ecological impact for reefing approach vs. onshore recycle/disposal
  • Carbon Footprint – Learn how fuel usage and emissions can be reduced during the decommissioning through abandonment process
  • Circularity – Discover how assets and materials are being re-used and re-purposed to optimize resources and efforts of both operators & service providers

Session Three – Boomerang Assets

  • Bond Market – Identify how the boomerang fallout in the GOM is affecting the liability bond market for operators due to the increasing uncertainty of transferring liability between operators’ and accelerating end of life obligations
  • Boomerang Asset Solutions – Explore the different models and approaches available to deal with current and/or unforeseen boomerang assets
  • Operators Obligation – Review operators’ asset retirement obligations in the Gulf of Mexico & how & when they plan to execute their upcoming decommissioning projects

Session Four – Technical Solutions

  • Planning – Hear about cost & time saving techniques used in decommissioning such as opportunistic vessel availability & single run trips down the well
  • Vessels & Heavy Lift – Review current vessel availability in the GOM to see how your upcoming decommissioning projects align with accessibility
  • Cutting – Learn how best practice cutting techniques, utilizing innovative technologies can reduce risk and/or duration of abandonment campaigns

Session Five – Global Approaches

  • North Sea – Review decommissioning and P&A techniques used in the North Sea to identify transferable techniques for the Gulf of Mexico
  • Global Case Studies – Hear about experiences in comparable water depths to understand other operators’ best practices to execute decommissioning campaigns
  • P&A Crews – Raise awareness of knowledge gaps in the decommissioning & abandonment market regarding increased demand for trained P&A crews, and how shortages are being tackled around the world

Plus: 30 Unique Technical Demonstrations

  • Deepwater Decom – Observe the latest subsea and deepwater technologies on the market that can efficiently and permanently abandon the hardest to reach wells, pipelines and infrastructure
  • Cutting and Heavy Lift – See the latest diamond wire, hydraulic shears and other cutting tech, coupled with unique lifting approaches, to develop innovative new and faster removal approaches
  • Well P&A – Identify effective well intervention tech for integrity remediation, barrier verification and equipment pulling that offer permanent well abandonment on shallow and deepwater wells
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