How GPS Tracking Devices Can Protect Your Oil Company's Assets

How GPS Tracking Devices Can Protect Your Oil Company’s Assets


To remain competitive, businesses in the oil and gas sector depend on emerging technology. Thanks to this, they can make quick and informed decisions.

As a result, here are a few advantages of incorporating oil and gas GPS tracking into your operations:

Facilitates Improved Maintenance

Any commercial vehicles are under a company’s assets. This is why fleet maintenance is often a primary concern for managers.

It not only takes a lot of work and time, but it’s also necessary for vehicle sustainability.

Fortunately, a GPS tracking device assists managers in organizing repair and service needs. They can arrange maintenance work for each car individually, with personalized information. 

Moreover, managers can also create notification alerts on the GPS tracking software regarding the completed maintenance jobs on schedule.

Thus, the vehicles can stay in excellent shape, contributing to operating efficiency.

Minimize Damages

Several travels are made each day while working in the oil industry. It entails a significant amount of gasoline expenditure, which has a substantial influence on the organization’s overall profitability.

Generally, the cost of gasoline increases when cars drive carelessly. However, an effective vehicle monitoring system may greatly assist in lowering it.

Thanks to constant fleet monitoring, the drivers ensure fuel-efficient driving, resulting in lower gas usage. Modern monitoring systems include capabilities that assess the vehicle’s eco-friendliness.

They can identify any act of reckless driving in real-time with their sensitive sensors.

The program detects if the driver over-speeds or performs hard braking that could bring damages to your assets.

Real-time Monitoring

Some gas and oil companies operate in isolated places where coverage is difficult to come by. To establish the best coverage plan, you can mix cellular providers with powerful GPS tracking tools.

GPS tracking gadgets “store ahead” if there is no cellular connectivity. When a satellite’s coverage of an asset or vehicle ends, the satellites continue to gather and monitor data.

All data is sent to the GPS tracking provider’s servers for smooth reporting when it regains cell service.

Their real-time location data lets you quickly locate non-powered equipment and vehicles, preventing theft.

Non-powered assets, like excavators, generators, and pumps, are often stolen. It might be almost hard to identify and retrieve stolen items without GPS monitoring.

Creates a Safe Transport

One of the most pressing issues confronting the sector is safety, from safeguarding individuals who work there to being alert to any possible mishaps that might affect the environment.

The GPS tracking device enables businesses to track and monitor their personnel in real-time, avoiding the risk of becoming lost in hazardous situations or accidents.

Another possible risk that a firm in this field may face is the moral commitment to safeguarding the environment, which, if not done appropriately, might have irreparable consequences for the brand.

Furthermore, alerts regarding possible risks may be issued, allowing them to be addressed before they become harmful. They can accomplish activities that workers would find too unsafe to complete.

Bottom Line

If your team is considering using GPS tracking for a gas and oil firm, make sure you understand how to utilize each function to its best capacity to get the most out of your investment.

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