Job Listing: Lukoil Intl. Upstream West, Inc. has an opening for a Senior Geophysicist position

Lukoil Intl. Upstream West, Inc. has an opening for a Senior Geophysicist position.

Requires: Masters in Geosciences, Geophysics or Geology + 5yrs experience required.

Duties: Provide quant & qual anal & comparisons of seismic time & depth gathers in order to characterize amplitude variation within offset domain inside area of interest, areally & stratigraphically defined as area of lead or prospective interest; possess the ability to integrate these results with overall exploration effort; provide quant and qual support & anal to internal or outside party-generated seismic inversion products from input calibration well data; provide well data identification, selection, quality control & quality assurance, characterization, fit-for-purpose modeling, application & supplied to outside or internal party; interpret the same results, test against actual data; provide quant and qual estimates on data accuracy & ability to predict physical location of expected reservoirs; analyze quality of expected reservoirs, ability or lack thereof to predict presence of hydrocarbons; have ability to understand & apply various seismically-derived attributes & how these attributes may or may not directly impact prospective area in terms of delineating, confirming, or denying existence of a reservoir-prone depositional system, its character & relationship to a prospective area of interest, with particular knowledge of how overall impact of seismic attributes affects prospect risk; have ability to understand & apply rock physics calculations & methodologies to calibrate seismic results & predictions/limitations, against actual & conceptual well control within a seismic; understand importance of well & well data selection, quality control and quality assurance; understand formation evaluation & its potential to effect overall results; understand intrinsic limitations of seismic data to predict reservoir presence, location,  quality & how the application of rock physics methods will affect the prediction of same; have ability to model various lithology, fluid, & reservoir properties & predict their effect on seismic response; interpret 2D/3D seismic reflection data either in time or depth, create structure, thickness, & various amplitude maps, combine with geological model(s) & extant well control to produce various lead & prospect maps in given area of interest; integrate velocity models with PSTM interpretations to build final grids as input into static geo-models. 

Lukoil Intl. Upstream West, Inc., Houston, TX 77046

Please fax resumes to 713-386-2749.


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