Oil Industry Activity in Mexico Intensifies


Oil Activity Indicators January – April 2018:

  • There were 37 drilling rigs operating, which represents an increase of 54.1%
    compared to the same period in 2017. Among these rigs, 24 were being used for
    development activities and 13 for exploration 1.
  • Regarding location, 17 rigs were onshore and 20 offshore. The onshore drilling
    equipment being used is 3.4 times greater than the active equipment observed from
    January to April 2017.
  • 62 wells were drilled, a figure which represents more than double of what was
    observed in the first quarter of 2017, when 24 wells were drilled. Drilled wells are
    mostly onshore developments (53), of which 36 were in Tampico Misantla 2.


  • National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH). For more information, please see
    Hydrocarbons Information System and the Drilling Equipment and Wells Report,
    available at the CNH’s Statistics Portal.
  • 1 / Figures correspond to the drilling equipment used in the quarter, on average
  • 2/Distribution by basin is available in the drilling equipment and wells report.
  • The figures may not match due to rounding.

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