WolfePak Software Advances Mobile Capabilities with Acquisition of Conquest RT

WolfePak Software Advances Mobile Capabilities with Acquisition of Conquest RT

ABILENE, Texas, – WolfePak Software, a leading provider of financial, accounting and regulatory compliance software to the oil and gas industry announced today its acquisition of Conquest RT, producer of the Conquest RT Mobile App that enables electronic, mobile ticketing for tracking and reporting on the transport of crude oil and water. The acquisition merges WolfePak and Conquest RT business operations to offer a fully integrated mobile electronic ticketing solution for the collection, management and automation of oilfield tickets. The combined offering enables midstream and service companies to gain visibility into various factors affecting transport from the collection points through to revenue billing and payment. Additionally, by combining Conquest RT with the WolfePak Software suite, users will have easier, faster access to ticket data collected in the field. Electronic ticket capture increases ticket accuracy while reducing the time required for invoicing and payment. The merged business will operate under the WolfePak brand.

“The combination of WolfePak and Conquest RT offers midstream customers a mobile, automated and fully integrated solution to manage the lifecycle of both run tickets and service tickets. This includes driver dispatch, electronic ticket capture, gross and net barrel calculations, run statement processing, CODE file creation as well as ticket printing, pricing, allocation and payment,” said Brent Rhymes, CEO of WolfePak. “Conquest RT provides WolfePak with a platform to offer future mobile solutions for oilfield pumpers, sand haulers and other oil & gas service companies.”

Jim Hilton, founder and CEO of Conquest RT, also commented, “WolfePak offers the most comprehensive oil and gas ERP software for upstream and midstream companies while Conquest RT provides the most driver-friendly mobile ticket collection solution on the market.  Together, we have partnered over the years to deliver a tightly integrated solution for midstream companies.  This merger is the next logical step for our partnership, and enables us to accelerate the development of innovative mobile field data collection applications for both upstream and midstream markets.”

The expanded business will serve over 1,500 oil and gas upstream and midstream companies across the United States. With the combined solution, midstream companies can reduce the time required to collect and report on oilfield tickets from days to less than a minute, significantly reducing errors while providing access to advanced analytics to help midstream managers optimize business operations and gaining visibility into financial results on a real-time basis. Reaction from WolfePak and Conquest RT’s mutual customers has been positive.

“Bi-Petro uses WolfePak and Conquest RT to automate our run ticket processing, enabling us to maximize the efficiency of our staff while growing our business,” said Larry Sweat, CEO of Bi-Petro, a diversified independent oil purchasing and production company in the Illinois basin.  “The tight integration between WolfePak and Conquest RT has been important to our operation, and we are excited to see these two companies come together as a one-stop solution.”

WolfePak looks forward to welcoming Conquest RT’s employees and customers to the team and continuing Conquest RT’s legacy of providing best-in-class service and technology leadership to midstream customers.

About WolfePak Software

WolfePak Software offers a fully integrated suite of software products for oil and gas upstream and midstream customers, including exploration and production well operators, first purchasers, transporters, haulers, investors, CPA firms and service companies.  Located in Abilene, deep in the heart of the Texas oil patch, WolfePak serves customers throughout the United States and the world. With its staff of experienced software developers, CPAs and oil and gas professionals, WolfePak has provided best-of-breed accounting and automation software and services since 1986. For more information, please visit www.wolfepak.com.

About Conquest RT

Conquest RT provides a complete mobile solution for the collection and processing of tickets for crude oil processing, processed fluids and dry bulk goods.  Based on knowledge derived from over 30 years of experience in the crude oil transportation industry, Conquest RT’s mobile solution offers a driver-friendly interface that enables further efficiencies and optimized business operations.  Conquest RT allows midstream companies to reduce the time required to collect and report on tickets from days to less than a minute, significantly decreasing error rates and providing advanced analytics and reporting solutions to improve business decisions.  For more information, please visit http://conquestrt.com/.

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