A Battle of Personalized License Plates Representing the 50 United States during the My Plates Great Plate State Auction

A Battle of Personalized License Plates Representing the 50 United States during the My Plates Great Plate State Auction

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My Plates, one-stop plate shop for personalized license plates in Texas, is thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated Great Plate State Auction. This unique event will showcase fifty one-of-a-kind personalized license plate messages, each representing one of the fifty United States of America. It’s a battle of state against state, plate against plate, as we determine which state message will fetch the highest bid at this year’s auction.

From Alabama to Wyoming, Hawaii to Maine, and everything in between, My Plates has curated an exceptional collection of plates that embody the essence of each state. We are proud to offer a plate representing Alaska, the state that holds the distinction of boasting the most eastern, western, and northern points in the United States. Furthermore, our collection includes plates representing states such as Rhode Island, the smallest state; California, the most populated state; Delaware, the first state; and, of course, Texas, the Lone Star State.

“Americans love their country, and they love their states. So, no matter where you’re originally from, whether it’s the Peach State, the Evergreen State, or the Buckeye State, this auction has a plate for you,” said Steve Farrar, CEO of My Plates.

The auction has already commenced and will close on November 15th. All bidders are required to register in order to place their bids. Interested individuals can visit www.myplates.com/auction for more information, to register, and to view the complete list of plate messages available. Winners of each lot will have the opportunity to place their plate message on any of the 100+ eligible My Plates Select designs.

Don’t miss your chance to own a truly unique piece of America on your ride. Join us at the Great Plate State Auction and show your state pride.

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