2013 September-October Events 

Dupré Presents Unique Safety Perspective at Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference

Reggie Dupré, CEO of Dupré Logistics, spoke about the company’s innovative safety program at the annual Commercial Vehicle Outlook Conference in a panel titled: How Regulations & Customer Demand are Driving Safety Technology Forward. Dupré provided the unique perspective as an operator who relies on recruiting, retaining, training and knowing their drivers who implement the company safety program with the assistance of technology. In… Read More
2013 September-October Louisiana Product Showcase Texas Transportation & Logistics 

Dupré Shares Commercial Vehicle Safety Experience with Fire First Responders

Dupré Logistics, a trucking and logistics provider operating throughout the United States, is partnering with local fire emergency responders to prevent rollovers of water transporting fire trucks, known in the industry as a water tanker. With a DVD produced through National Tank Truck Carriers (NTTC) association, Dupré’s local Field Safety Representatives are sharing training and expertise in preventing deadly commercial vehicle rollovers. “Our safety program… Read More
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