Big Data in Oil and Gas 2015 July-August Joseph P. DeWoody 

Big Data in Oil and Gas

Traditionally, data acquisition in the oil and gas industry has been a cost center and not a revenue-generating asset for exploration and production (E&P) companies. Most E&P companies have collected rooms of filing cabinets full of logs, completion data and maps. However, with computing technology and the continued employment of Moore’s law throughout the hardware spectrum, the ability to accumulate,… Read More
Texas Relinquishment Act Lands: A Case Study for Federal Leasing 2014 November-December Joseph P. DeWoody Louisiana Oklahoma Texas 

Texas Relinquishment Act Lands: A Case Study for Federal Leasing

When it comes to oil and natural gas production, Texas has been a leader for many decades. One over-looked area where Texas leads is in the management of state-owned lands and the aligning of incentives between the state and the individual. Relinquishment Act (Mineral Classified) Lands include state-owned lands on which the surface was sold and minerals reserved to the… Read More
2014 September-October Contributors Joseph P. DeWoody Louisiana Oklahoma Texas 

NG Set To Be Leading Fuel for Electric Power Consumption

Today, power generation is the world’s single-largest source of energy demand, and over the next 30 years, natural gas will become the most important fuel source to provide electric consumption worldwide. It is important that the U.S. embraces the gift of its natural resources and that the government put in place regulations that allow producers to responsibly develop the country’s… Read More
U.S. CO2 Emissions at Lowest Level in 20 Years, Thanks to Fracking 2014 May-June Contributors Joseph P. DeWoody Louisiana Oklahoma Texas 

Mainstream vs Midstream – Hydraulic Fracturing

With your help, we’ve set the record straight on all the media’s misleading reporting. Noise from the Mainstream… From— Fracking wastewater contaminated — and likely radioactive Contaminated waters The concentrations of radium Vengosh and his team detected are higher than those found in some radioactive waste dumps, and exceed the minimum threshold the federal government uses to qualify a… Read More
Investing in Mineral Rights 2014 November-December Joseph P. DeWoody Louisiana Oklahoma Texas 

Investing in Mineral Rights

The old adage across the plains of West Texas is to “Never Sell Your Mineral Rights!” And for good reason, the ownership of mineral rights provides families with a generational wealth preservation tool that surpasses many investment opportunities in the current marketplace. Mineral ownership is a perpetual ownership of the real estate under the surface of the earth. Often severed… Read More
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