2015 January-February Mike Thomas 

Oil and Natural Gas Inspection: Training, Discipline, and Maximizing Pipeline Pilum

The assessment of training, discipline, and leadership practices within the oil and natural gas industry affects organizational environments. The evaluation includes training programs, punishments, and various leadership approaches. At the same time, unassailable support highlighted in organizational behavior and emerging leadership models may appear complacent. The oil and natural gas leadership approaches permeate the environment to unroil the autonomy of… Read More
2014 September-October Contributors Louisiana Mike Thomas Oklahoma Texas 

Maintaining High Security and Pipeline Peace of Mind: Part III

Innovation is the next area of discussion to correlate sociotechnical systems and work approaches through arduous implementation of organizational innovation while maintaining high security. The evolution of sociotechnical systems begins with the portfolio and will aid management to develop several organizational options to help transfer technologies applications into organizational right-of-way. The significance in alignment of organizational energy is needed to… Read More
2014 July-August David Blackmon Jessica Byrd Louisiana Mark A. Stansberry Mike Thomas Oklahoma Texas 

Mainstream vs Midstream – Earthquakes

Noise from the Mainstream From TIME Magazine — The seismic link between fracking and earthquakes… New research indicates that wastewater disposal wells – and sometimes fracking itself – can induce earthquakes Ohio regulators did something last month that had never been done before: they drew a tentative link between shale gas fracking and an increase in local earthquakes. As fracking… Read More
Maintaining High Security and Pipeline Peace of Mind: Part II 2014 July-August Mike Thomas 

Maintaining High Security and Pipeline Peace of Mind: Part II

The continuity of pipeline security depends on technology systems to sustain an effective environment to connect with each pipeline task. Sociotechnical systems combined with the four sociotechnical organizational factors (management, procedural, technical, and cultural) from part I of maintaining high security and pipeline peace of mind is needed to continue to connect organizational reliability and create exceptional value for stockholders,… Read More
Forbes: State Department Closes Eyes To Truth In Keystone XL Pipeline Report 2014 May-June Louisiana Mike Thomas Oklahoma Texas 

Maintaining High Security and Pipeline Peace of Mind

Pipeline security requires a combination of assorted technology systems to maintain control during pipeline initiation, installation, and operation. Sociotechnical systems influences organizational results through first developing tacit knowledge on underlying factors assorted sociotechnical relationships offer an organization (Haavik, 2011). Technology systems (TS) divided by four sociotechnical organizational factors will lead management to control waggish colloquies and fill inspection gaps. The… Read More
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