HENDERSON to Perform Major Drilling Rig Refurbishment for Energy Drilling Company

HENDERSON to Perform Major Drilling Rig Refurbishment for Energy Drilling Company


HOUSTON, Texas – HENDERSON, a leader in the sales and service of drilling rigs and capital drilling equipment, has entered into a contract for a major drilling rig refurbishment with Energy Drilling Company.

The contract includes the purchase and upgrade of a 2,000 HP drilling rig, an A/C top drive, three 1600 hp x 7,500 PSI mud pumps, a walking system, 30 foot box-on-box substructure and a 1 million lb derrick. It will be the first major rig refurbishment completed at HENDERSON’s new service center and rig yard at 6750 Bender Road in Houston, Texas.

HENDERSON to perform major drilling rig refurbishment for Energy Drilling Company
2,000 HP drilling rig to be refurbished by HENDERSON

James Lank, president and COO, HENDERSON, said, “The addition of this high-spec rig to Energy Drilling Company’s fleet showcases HENDERSON’s expertise in sourcing and upgrading drilling rigs and equipment. With new rig-up facilities now established in Houston and Odessa, HENDERSON is uniquely positioned to support the resurgent drilling market in North America. We’ve built a great project team in our growing rig services division, who will work closely with Energy Drilling Company to offer comprehensive support and services.”

Jody Helbling, general manager, Energy Drilling Company, said, “The rig has not been contracted yet, but we are confident we will put the rig to work in our normal operating area. We chose HENDERSON to perform the refurb based on the quality of their work, their ethics of transparency and honesty and their ongoing growth as a company.”


HENDERSON is a full-service rig and equipment dealer that specializes in the sales and sourcing of drilling rigs and capital drilling equipment. Based in Houston, Texas, HENDERSON is a supplier of new and remanufactured drilling rigs and equipment to domestic and international drilling contractors.  HENDERSON has the capability to buy, sell, trade and repair drilling rig equipment. Founded in 2006, HENDERSON can locate any piece of equipment used on oil rigs from a worldwide network of vendors. For more information, visit www.hendersonrigs.com.

About Energy Drilling Company

Energy Drilling Company has been a small to mid-sized drilling contractor for 39 years. From 600 HP mechanical rigs in Mississippi, to north Louisiana operations that called for mechanical rigs in the 2000s, to the newer top drive electric rigs, Energy Drilling Company has grown with the market. Currently, Energy Drilling Company operates a fleet of nine drilling rigs in the Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana and Gulf Coast Region. Energy Drilling Company has customized rigs that can be used for shallow, vertical and directional wells, as well as, double pipe setters and extended reach horizontal wells. The addition of the 2000 hp Rig #16 to the company’s fleet will continue this movement towards a more modern fleet and expand the company’s drilling capabilities. For more information, visit http://www.energydrilling.com.

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