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Stephen Anson Joins W Energy Software to Helm Measurement Product Line

W Energy Software welcomes new Director of Measurement to spearhead product roadmap and development for measurement solutions across the energy value chain.

Stephen brings a vast amount of experience across both gas and liquids measurement to the W Energy Software team ranging from field maintenance activities, equipment design, and back office measurement data management. He held various engineering, management, and marketing roles for E&P companies, midstream companies, and manufacturers; always focused on measurement. Throughout his career Stephen has been committed to measurement excellence, business strategy, innovation, and data analytics. His innovative thought leadership and creativity have contributed to the development of new industry standards, alternative methods for custody transfer, and patent recognition. Stephen is a past president of the Rocky Mountain Measurement Society, an instructor and General Committee member for the International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM), and a member of multiple committees for the American Petroleum Institute (API).

“I’m excited to join the W Energy Software management team and eager to get to work spearheading a new generation of software to track, validate, balance, and report hydrocarbons across the value chain, built by a measurement user for measurement users,” said Stephen Anson, W Energy Software’s new Director of Measurement. “Historically there has only been one option for measurement data management; this created an opportunity to serve the industry by providing a choice that is innovative and impactful, which is why we are setting out to redefine measurement data management with a new generation platform built on the cloud that is fast, accurate, and reliable,” he said, adding, “I look forward to forging a strong relationship with our Measurement Product Consortium members to ensure that industry needs are represented and continuously aligned with product features.”

WE Measure will provide upstream and midstream companies with a secure data warehouse for centrally managing volume, energy, and product quality measurement data in the cloud, integrating large numbers of SCADA data sources, and streamlining meter data analysis. The next generation solution will also provide processes and functionality to validate measurement data, provide material balances, deliver clear audit trails, and ensure compliance with energy industry, regulatory, and accounting standards. To aid its mission to create the next generation, best-in-class solution, W Energy Software has also announced the creation of a Measurement Product Consortium comprised of industry leaders who will provide direct input into product development while offering participating energy companies product discounts.

Stephen will lead W Energy Software’s measurement product line – including building the product roadmap and managing day to day development – which is expected to be commercially available by the end of 2021. In addition to these responsibilities, he will also coordinate W Energy Software’s Measurement Product Consortium that has already attracted the interest of several large upstream and midstream companies. Interested energy companies are encouraged to contact W Energy Software to join.

“A warm welcome to Stephen, who joins the W Energy Software management team at an exciting time of growth in markets that demand next generation measurement solutions,” said Pete Waldroop, CEO of W Energy Software. “From upstream to midstream, measurement cuts across everything we and our clients do, which is why launching WE Measure helmed by a veteran measurement professional is so crucial for delivering the high-quality solutions our clients deserve,” Waldroop stated.

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