StocExpo 2023 Launches with a Fresh and Future-focused Rebrand


StocExpo has undergone a rebrand, celebrating the evolution of its exhibition and the energy industry 

StocExpo, the leading international tank storage event, taking place 14-16 March 2023, has transitioned away from its former branding to an updated, fresher, and more inclusive of the industry with its white and green branding. 

In recognition of the evolution of the tank storage industry towards cleaner, greener fuels, StocExpo has changed its branding with more modern colors and icons. StocExpo works across an international audience, so recognizes the significance of having a universally understood design and logo that immediately conveys both the emphasis on future fuels and a move towards modern business ethics. 

As the tank storage sector grows, so does StocExpo. The fresh modern branding reflects this to invite new businesses to join the leading international tank storage event to network and experience a vast portfolio of products and services.

Like the previous branding, the new logo is a circle but split into two halves, slightly off-center. This conveys the classic ‘s’ in the center. The remaining branding features elements all relating to tank storage. The clean, minimalist branding sends a message of modernity to the industry, in line with the increased demand for and prominence of future fuels and a greener future of the sector. The slogan captures all of this: ‘The future of tank storage.’

StocExpo wants to lead by example. Following the introduction of its 40 under 40, and Women in Tanks initiatives, StocExpo only found it right to incorporate a new branding that represented its position as an accelerator in the industry. On top of this, the event will play host to a diversity and inclusion panel, cementing StocExpo’s commitment to championing minorities in the industry. 

Run by Easyfairs, the StocExpo event happens in tandem with the official publication, Tank Storage Magazine, and the Tank Storage Awards. Easyfairs’ decision to rebrand StocExpo not only helps modernize the brand but also helps create a closer partnership of Easyfairs’ different tank storage media. It allows the tank storage community to gain wider insight, greater opportunities, more experience, and specific expertise.

As the tank storage industry evolves, StocExpo wants to be at the forefront of that change. Its new branding mirrors these efforts to lead the tank storage industry into its future. New features at StocExpo 2023 also reflect this, including an Asset Management & Integrity Conference, collaboration with FETSA, an iTanks pitch contest, an innovation & sustainability trail, a terminal site visit, and much more. The new features at StocExpo and the new branding harmonize what StocExpo is all about – the future of tank storage

‘StocExpo is the largest and longest-running international tank storage and future fuels event. The new branding feels fresh and different from before. Previous years graphics have promoted dated parts of our industry, but as we move into more sustainable future fuels, the new branding design has a much more obvious nod to that future. The new graphics and colors encompass the storage of ammonia, hydrogen, biofuels, the capture of carbon, and robotics. The new branding stands out, works on all formats and links back to bulk liquids, robotics, drones, and e-fuels. It also reflects current challenges and future developments in terminal safety, efficiency, and sustainability,’ says Rikki Bhachu, Head of Marketing for StocExpo. 

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About StocExpo

StocExpo is a three-day exhibition and conference for the tank storage and future fuels industry. Industry leaders will meet to stay ahead of the competition, network and gain new business at the Rotterdam Ahoy, Netherlands from the 14-16 March 2023. Find out more at

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