Partnership Expands Hydrocarbon Spill and Leak Sensor Sales and Support to the US and Mexico.

PhotonTec Announces Partnership with LDI Innovation Ltd. to Provide North American Customers with Access to New Sensor Technology for Remote Oil and Fuel Spill Monitoring on Water and Dry Surfaces


Partnership Expands Hydrocarbon Spill and Leak Sensor Sales and Support to the US and Mexico.

Atlanta, GA. – PhotonTec™ with their 20+ years of experience with optical high-tech products, has launched partnership with LDI Innovation Ltd., a highly respected European photonics company that develops and manufactures advanced optical solutions for industrial and environmental applications. The partnership provides North American customers access to LDI Innovation’s patented LED-based fluorometric oil and fuel sensing technology and regional customer and technical support through PhotonTec, located in Atlanta, Georgia.

“The customers we work with have increasingly demanding needs for real-time detection of oil and fuel spills on water and land where conventional sensors are often ineffective,” said Juha Saily, Business Development Manager for PhotonTec. “Our new sensors outperform competitors in virtually every category providing higher reliability and sensitivity with no false alarms, longest available sensor-to-surface scan range, and detection of all types of hydrocarbons from very light to heavy oils including jet fuels and gasoline. They also install and work in the most challenging environments such as rough waters with high waves, areas with large tidal variations, explosive atmospheres, and many battery and solar-powered applications.”

The new BlueHawk™ and TinyHawk™ fluorosensors can be used in various environments such as ports, airports, marinas, terminals, tank farms, industrial facilities, oil rigs, refineries, military installations, water intakes, waterways, and all water bodies. They are technology leaders, featuring several advanced and distinctive capabilities, including:

  • Unique patented coaxial optical design (for high sensitivity, eliminates false alarms, high tolerance for varying surface distances, internal LED health monitoring and control)
  • Industry-leading extra-long sensing distance range (33+ ft / 10+ meters) and widest scan/installation angle range (up to ±45 degrees from vertical)
  • UV-A / UV-B ultraviolet wavelength bands (UV-B is a must for reliable detection of very light and light oils such as jet fuels and gasoline)
  • Highest available scan rates (up to 10 Hz)
  • Smallest size, lightest weight, lowest power consumption and highest NEMA (IP) rating on the market (NEMA 6P / IP68)
  • Remote access for sensor configuration

Options include:

  • ATEx certified enclosures for explosive environments
  • Wired or wireless alarms
  • Standalone or networked operation
  • Chlorophyll-A detection in algae

About LDI Innovation Ltd.

LDI Innovation Ltd. was established in 2013 in the EU. The company holds ISO 9001:2015 certification and their customers include Petrobras, Total, NOAA, NASA, FBI, Airbus Defence and Space, MIT, Samsung, and many others.

About PhotonTec

PhotonTec’s founders have introduced new innovative optical technologies and products to the North American markets since 2001. PhotonTec is in Atlanta, GA and their website is The company can be contacted by email at and by phone at (770) 366-4137.

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