SurplusHub signs Kværner, COSL Drilling, Altus Intervention, Seabird Exploration and More

SurplusHub Signs Kværner, COSL Drilling, Altus Intervention, Seabird Exploration and More

Hauge i Dalane, Norway – SurplusHub is proud to announce the signing of several key industry players as users of its new online portal. The Norwegian startup, set to be the world’s best global marketplace for oil and gas surplus equipment, has garnered industry praise for its innovative approach to surplus trading.

After years in development SurplusHub was launched in late 2017 with a primary focus to sign several key oil and gas operators and suppliers as users of the online platform, making industry surplus equipment available to a global audience.

Efforts taken have now paid off. Major industry players Kvaerner, COSL Drilling Europe, Seabird Exploration, Altus Intervention and several other market leaders have now signed on as users of the SurplusHub online marketplace, effectively making a wide range of industry surplus equipment available for all.

– We are very excited about this. It just goes to prove that the industry has been waiting for the right surplus outlet to come along, and the many benefits we offer can be tailored to fit any company size and needs. Our eBay-like approach to this market segment significantly lowers the bar for companies to sell surplus and overstock outside their current networks, country borders and resource limitations. In the weeks and months to come there will be thousands of new listings available for buyers, says SurplusHub CEO and Founder Per Kaare Liland.

SurplusHub CEO and Founder Per Kaare Liland

Surplus equipment is costly and time consuming to maintain and track, and can be equally resource demanding to sell on the open market. The newly signed partners believe the SurplusHub solution will cater to many of their pressing needs:

– Kvaerner has a global presence, with ongoing operations in numerous key oil and gas industry hubs and regions. When handling extensive field and technology development projects we are more than often left with excess units and materials; assets that can be put to good use by other industry players and companies. Having the option to bring those assets to market in an efficient, lucrative and environmentally friendly way was key in our decision to choose SurplusHub as a partner, says Kvaerner’s Project Procurement Manager, Thomas Nygaard.

– The seismic industry has been through some tough times in recent years, and to stay ahead we need to invest in new fleet units and equipment, as well as optimizing our spare parts stock. As a result, we have a great deal of surplus equipment available. We chose SurplusHub based on the efficient software solution they offer to a global audience; saving us valuable time spent on trying to find the right buyers for it, says Head of Supply at Seabird Exploration, Johan Larsson.

The new contracts will vastly improve the portal’s global appeal, and further expand the range of products available for its users.

About SurplusHub:

SurplusHub International is an independent, Norway-based venture focuses on easy facilitation of oil and gas industry equipment trade and networking. Through the online portal, sellers and buyers can sell and buy surplus equipment and materials on a global scale. Designed and built from the ground up to be as user friendly and accessible as possible, SurplusHub allows for direct negotiations between sellers and buyers through the portal, ensuring a safe,
transparent and efficient trade every time in exchange for a minor commission fee.

Advanced search- and indexing features makes it easy to post, find and document each listed item. SurplusHub also offers high quality 3rd party services like transport and logistics (Kuehne + Nagel), surplus management, inspection and expediting, making it a one stop shop for surplus trading.

The main benefits include cost reduction, time savings, short lead times for essential equipment and environmental gains through vastly reduced scrapping needs.

SurplusHub International AS is a fully owned subsidiary of KPCM Holding AS.

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