US-Based Pipeline Integrity Specialist Opens State-Of-The-Art Facilities

US-based Pipeline Integrity Specialist Opens State-Of-The-Art Facilities


The team behind PipeSense has amplified its commitment to delivering best-in-class leak detection services with continued investment in its world-class facilities.

PipeSense, the provider of advanced continuous pipeline monitoring technology, has officially opened the doors of two state-of-the-art testing facilities in Houston, Texas, and Clearbrook, Minnesota, to help strengthen its abilities to push industry boundaries.

With the aim of pursuing new research and development opportunities, the facilities will provide PipeSense’s experienced engineering team the ability to pursue technological advancements by testing its pipeline monitoring and leak detection solutions in practical, real-world conditions.

The Houston facility features a 4-inch Continuous Test Loop providing options for diverse demonstrations, including the ability for clients to choose and actuate leak points.  Simultaneously, the Clearbrook test facility features a custom-built, 24-inch Pipeline Test Rig to test and demonstrate PipeSense’s real-time pig-tracking technologies. Both facilities bolster each region’s ability to develop at-home solutions and provide clients with first-class service and complete assurance.

PipeSense’s custom built, full-scale pipeline for testing and demonstration
PipeSense’s custom built, full-scale pipeline for testing and demonstration

Emphasizing the importance of these facilities in advancing its solutions, PipeSense President and CTO Stuart Mitchell commented: “The opening of our world-class testing facilities will allow us to embark on a period of continued investment into the technologies we provide as part of our advanced pipeline leak monitoring solutions. These technologies cover both hardware and software, and the research done at our facilities will help to ensure we are continually at the forefront of technological advancement and AI integration. We look forward to welcoming clients to our facilities and offering live demonstrations to showcase our capabilities.”

About PipeSense

Established in 2023, PipeSense is the product of an experienced team that boasts over a century of vital industry experience. Developed to utilize the latest technological advancements, PipeSense aims to maximize the operational efficiency and service life of a pipeline asset, providing a fully integrated service with ground-breaking monitoring and leak detection.

With testing facilities in Houston, Texas, and Clearbrook, Minnesota, PipeSense works closely with global clients to understand unique operational challenges, developing individually tailored leak detection and monitoring solutions using the latest AI-based data analysis techniques.

PipeSense offers complete assurance to operators that its pipelines are monitored in real-time, in turn protecting people and the environment. PipeSense solutions provide unparalleled performance and economic value without compromising on ease of installation and operation.

Headline image: PipeSense’s Houston Test Facility.

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