USA Energy Workers Hosts 2nd Annual Earth Day Event and Tree Dedication

USA Energy Workers Hosts 2nd Annual Earth Day Event and Tree Dedication


LAFAYETTE, LAUSA Energy Workers, an organization founded by Scott Angelle to elevate and celebrate the contributions of USA energy workers, today held its second annual Balancing the 3E’s™ Earth Day Event. This year’s event included a celebration in Lafayette and St. Martin Parishes, Louisiana, two (2) parishes with a history of supporting our nation’s economy through responsible energy development with a focus on a sustainable environment. Participants enjoyed a sunrise blessing, breakfast and tree dedication; and received educational resources on how to protect our environment through reducing, reusing and recycling.

“This Earth Day, and every day, we reflect on the responsibility we have to protect Mother Earth, and we applaud our American energy workers for the many positive contributions they have made to the health of our environment through their responsible development of energy,” USA Energy Workers Founder Scott Angelle said. “Without their innovation and dedication to our environment, the Gulf of Mexico would not be one of the most climate advantaged energy-producing provinces in the world, or have nearly half the carbon intensity of other producing regions worldwide.”

“For more than half a century, our energy workers have worked to Balance the 3Es™– Environment, Energy and Economy – by keeping our environment safe, our economy strong, and producing the energy we need to enjoy simple luxuries like lighting, heating, and cooling our homes, or fueling some of humankind’s most ambitious endeavors. Oil and gas production in the Gulf of Mexico also generates billions of dollars in royalty payments to the U.S. government every year, which funds conservation and restoration efforts in our national parks, forests and wildlife refuges.”

“If we are to continue improving our global environment while achieving energy security here at home in the wake of international turmoil, we must utilize our American energy workers and our domestic resources in the Gulf of Mexico, as has been our nation’s bipartisan practice for the last 67 years between 13 U.S. presidents. Our environment, our economy and energy consumers everywhere are counting on our USA energy workers. The Biden Administration can immediately unleash America’s energy workers by drafting a new 5-year leasing program and ending the pause on offshore lease sales.”

An introductory video on USA Energy Workers, narrated by Scott Angelle:

Scott Angelle, the longest serving Director of U.S. Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement, also held positions in Louisiana as Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of LA Department of Natural Resources and Chairman, Louisiana Public Service Commission. Angelle was recognized by the GAO, a nonpartisan, fact-based agency, for significant improvements in offshore safety and environmental compliance.

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