A Guide To Essential Equipment Used In The Mining Industry

A Guide to Essential Equipment Used in the Mining Industry


Mining involves capital investment, with one-third accounting for equipment, according to Mordor Intelligence. Mining operations require the use of different machinery to achieve various tasks with accuracy and efficiency. Each machine functions differently, depending on whether you are performing operations on the surface or mining below the ground for crude oil, coal, gold, and precious metals.

Learning how to work near or operate mining equipment is crucial if you’re new in the industry. Regular training plays a vital role in maintaining workplace safety in the oil industry because of the high risk of accidents involved in operating different machines. Understanding the unique functions of the mining equipment listed below also helps increase productivity at the job site. Check out this guide to essential equipment used in the mining industry.

Drilling Machinery

Drill machines use different ground drilling methods like rotary, electro, directional, and percussion to dig holes for mineral exploration, excavation, and sinking oil wells. Miners also use drilling equipment to create tunnels underground. Thanks to technological advancements in oil and gas drilling, mining techniques have improved over the years.

Robotic drilling systems (RDS), for example, provide robotic technology for unmanned drilling operations on the land and offshore. This technology handles machines with spinning operations, pipes, and tools, and replaces damaged casing crews and tongs. RDS also offers self-movable automatic drill rigs that are easy to move from one oil well to another.

Skid Steer Loaders 

Over the last decade, the use of skid steer loaders in mining fields has gained popularity. Because of the various attachments, skid steers excel in material handling, digging, pushing, and removing debris in surface mining. Loaders are also ideal for excavating materials in underground mining. In addition to attachments, the compact size and skid steer tracks allow these machines to maneuver in confined spaces and rough terrain. Tracks on skid steer loaders provide great traction, which enhances performance at the mining site.

Blasting Equipment

Blasting techniques play an essential role in separating pockets of waste materials from the most sought-out precious stones and metals. For the blasting process to be successful, miners must use the appropriate blast designs, tech devices, and drill rigs to make predetermined holes on the blast face. Using mining technology such as virtual reality, face profiler, and laser tech improves efficiency and safety. By using virtual and augmented reality, operators can visualize blast designs through VR headsets.

Crushing Machines 

After drilling and excavating minerals, miners rely on crushing machines like jaw, cone, gyratory, and impact crushers to reduce the size of rocks or stone. These crushing technologies maintain high efficiency and reduction rate regardless of the size and hardness of the mined materials. Using the right crushers is essential for reducing expenses linked with managing large-sized minerals. When gravel and rock are reduced to manageable sizes, transporting them becomes easy.

In an industry where various operations are carried out on the field, having the right mining equipment on board is essential to help you perform more efficiently. It is important to familiarize your team with the necessary equipment used and how to operate the machines for safe and effective results.

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