2018 January-February Interviews 

Interview with Giles Edward, CEO, M-Flow

The following is an interview with M-Flow CEO Giles Edward. M-Flow is a UK-based metering company providing repeatable metering products to the oil and gas industry. Responses were submitted in writing and have been left unchanged. Tim McNally: How many founders came together to develop the technology produced by M-Flow, and why was 2012 the year that they set out... Read More
2017-May-June Interviews 

Interview with Amit Mehta, CEO and Founder of Moblize

Tim McNally: What was your motivation for founding Moblize? Amit Mehta: The primary reason I started Moblize was that I saw that the oil and gas industry was extremely good at hardware innovation but rather poor at software innovation. What I saw in Silicon Valley was that companies there come from nowhere and then they can create software that you... Read More
#OilmanNEWS 2017-May-June Contributors Interviews Shale 

Interview with Former Russian Energy Minister Igor Yusufov (2001-2004)

G8 Meeting of Energy Ministers in Detroit in 2001 Igor Yusufov was the Russian Energy Minister from 2001-2004 under President Vladimir Putin. After his tenure as minister, he served as Special Envoy of the Russian President for International Energy Cooperation, and Ambassador at Large of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs until late 2011. In 2011, he founded Fund Energy, where... Read More
2017 March-April Interviews 

An Interview with Casey Minshew, COO, EnergyFunders

Tim McNally: Why don’t you tell me a little about why EnergyFunders was founded? Casey Minshew, COO, EnergyFunders Casey Minshew: Philip Racusin (CEO and Co-founder of EnergyFunders) had been talking with his uncle, a successful oil and gas operator in Houston, about how exciting and how rewarding the oil and gas industry appeared to be. However, when Philip learned that... Read More
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