Emerging Technology: Looking Toward the Future 2019 September-October Features 

Emerging Technology: Looking Toward the Future

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT are all tools that are barreling through the oil and gas industry right now with a vengeance. This industry is an unassuming recipient of such advances, however they are not only embracing, but growing exponentially due to the safety, convenience and cost driven benefits they offer. Originally a world of pen and paper, rough… Read More
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Gas Detection and the Connected Worker

In our increasingly connected world, portable gas detectors have been slow to keep up with the latest digital trends. In the age of IoT, you can control your toaster and home thermostat using an app on your smartphone, but what about your portable gas detector? When wearing a portable gas detector on the job, whether it’s a single gas H2S… Read More
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Artificial Intelligence Provides New Layers of Refinery Safety in 21st Century

In the late 1990s the oil and gas industry worked overtime against the fear of what would happen when the clocks struck midnight in the year 1999 ushering in 2000. No one knew what would happen with computer clocks designed only through years ending in 99. The news media covered the new millennium like an approaching hurricane. The Y2K fear… Read More
Anue Geo-Membrane systems eliminate odors in all shapes and sized applications 2019 September-October 

Odor Control in Oilfields Now Has Greener Options

Every year, oil companies receive hundreds of complaints about nuisance odors emanating from oilfields. For residents living in these areas, “rotten egg” smells and “dead fish” odors are a fact of life. Companies search to find the causes and solutions for these nuisance odors without breaking the bank. Companies are looking at new technologies and new applications of existing chemicals… Read More
Comparing Oil Superpowers: No Match? 2019 September-October 

Comparing Oil Superpowers: No Match?

Last year, Russia and the USA produced respectively some 11.16 and 10.96 million b/d of crude oil and lease condensate or more than any other nation across the world (even more than the traditional but now decrepit oil heavyweighter Saudi Arabia (10.425 million b/d in 2018). Actually, this seems to be the only practical coincidence as all other patterns of… Read More
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