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Oil and Gas Measurement Automation is Key in Optimizing Production

With commodity prices in flux, the industry seeks to adopt new strategies to increase efficiency and optimize existing assets. Producers are looking for new technologies to enhance their organizational agility and, ultimately, improve recovery rates in the high-decline rate wells. As the industry is putting the latest technology to work, measurement departments have found themselves directly in the center of… Read More
2019 May-June OILMAN Publisher 

Letter from the Publisher (May-June 2019)

Not many of us would have guessed the deal of the quarter that blasted the energy headlines last month. Chevron announced that it was acquiring Anadarko for $33 billion in cash and stock or $65 per share. The merger places Chevron in a significant position with a wide corridor of acreage in the Permian. Since the blockbuster deal was announced,… Read More
IoT in The Oil and Gas Industry 2019 May-June 

IoT in The Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry faces technical challenges unique to its business, with hundreds of thousands of onshore and offshore wells distributed over wide geographic areas and thousands of miles of pipelines requiring continuous monitoring, periodic maintenance, and constant connectivity to ensure safety and optimized performance. As new, Internet-enabled technologies emerge to help address the operating challenges in these environments,… Read More
Continuous “Hands Off” Insulation Resistance Testing of Critical Motors 2019 May-June 

Continuous “Hands Off” Insulation Resistance Testing of Critical Motors

For decades, offshore oil and gas personnel have performed insulation resistance tests with handheld megohmmeters to prevent motor and generator failures that lead to costly unplanned shutdowns, production interruptions and rewinding repairs. However, these tests only provide a snapshot of motor or generator health. In a matter of only a few days, windings and cables that are exposed to salt… Read More
Well No. 9 2019 May-June 

Implementing Artificial Gas Lift Earlier Can Improve Declining Wells

How an innovative approach regarding the optimum time to implement artificial gas lift has significantly improved production as wells decline – beginning on day one Even after the prep work is finished and product recovery has been initiated, there is still no surefire way for oilfield exploration and production companies to confidently know how much and for how long their… Read More
FutureOn®’s FieldAP™ and FieldTwin™ create new fields digitally in the cloud. FutureOn is the only digital solution provider to receive the 2019 OTC Spotlight on New Technology® Award. 2019 May-June Home Bottom Widget Promo 

Digital Twin Technology Adds a New Dimension to Offshore Projects

Offshore makes a comeback. Bloomberg reports that investors expect offshore investment in 2019 to increase for the first time in five years. The greater offshore investment has also led to higher demand for digital technology, in large part to gain greater transparency of workflow processes and data. The digital twin creates a virtual replica of the offshore field, allowing for… Read More
Technological Advances Cushion Oil Crisis 2019 May-June 

Technological Advances Cushion Oil Crisis

Marked by intensified volatility due to continuous sharp oil price fluctuations, the oil market experienced its longest and deepest slump in 2014-2016. However, following the oil production cut deal, the prices recovered for a brief time and reached an all-time high in 2019. The oil production cut deal between OPEC and allies, including Russia, coming to an end in June… Read More
Follow The Leader: Examining How Industry Giants Reduced Operational Costs By Going Digital 2019 May-June Home Bottom Widget Promo 

Follow The Leader: Examining How Industry Giants Reduced Operational Costs By Going Digital

Last year’s tumultuous oil prices saw WTI and Brent both start the year at over $60 for the first time since 2014, the benchmark year for pre-crash prices. Hopes of a true price rebound began to grow as both commodities hit four-year highs several times throughout 2018. For an online archive of how intense the hype became, simply search “will… Read More
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