Forbes: State Department Closes Eyes To Truth In Keystone XL Pipeline Report 2014 January-February Louisiana Oklahoma Texas 

Forbes: State Department Closes Eyes To Truth In Keystone XL Pipeline Report

The State Department just came out with its latest report on the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline. The report finds that the pipeline’s construction would create almost 2,000 jobs that last for two years and would support more than 40,000 jobs. The report further finds that the pipeline likely would not harm the environment when considered relative to what will happen if the… Read More
Killing the Golden Goose 2014 January-February Contributors Don Briggs Louisiana 

Killing the Golden Goose

A common saying in the South is “Don’t kill the goose that laid the golden egg”. In Louisiana’s business environment, this golden goose is Louisiana’s oil and gas industry. The industry contributes in severance taxes, royalties and bonuses between 15-17% of the states general fund revenue and contributes 19 billion dollars in annual impact to the state’s economy. These dollar… Read More
2014 January-February Product Showcase 

Dupré Logistics, LLC

Over the past 10 years, we have seen huge changes in the Logistics outsourcing business model. Third Party Logistics (3PLs) have long led the way in logistics outsourcing using their core business-forwarding, trucking and warehousing. However, today this offering has become a commodity service and does not provide any competitive advantage. Customers, anxious to increase their competitiveness, need improved and… Read More
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