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Energy Law Round Up #OilmanNEWS Oil and Gas News Podcasts 

Energy Law Round Up – 12.4.2017

In this special episode of the podcast, Tom is joined by his Dallas-based partner, Bruce Flowers, for the first installment of a six-part series featuring guest speakers from Kane Russell Coleman Logan PC on a variety of key and emerging legal issues impacting the oil-and-gas industry. Bruce speaks on a topic that energy companies are grappling with all the time: pitfalls in purchase… Read More
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East West Connect and Divide, Davis Refinery and Gov Burgum’s Challenge to Energy

Energy Communities Interview: Ben Hanson, candidate for US House of Representatives Hanson talks about his roots to the oil and gas communities, his connection to the train derailment in Casselton and response to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal speculating an east/west conflict in North Dakota. Davis Refinery Update Interview: William Prentice, CEO, Meridian Energy Group and The Davis Refinery,… Read More
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The Weekly Word: Pipeline Spills and the Religion of Environmentalism

Interview: Professor Stephen Heins, energy columnist and owner, The Word Merchant On this week’s installment of The Weekly Word with professor Stephen Heins, climate change and environmentalism are discussed. Heins begins talking about the recent pipeline spills and how pipelines are still the most effecient and safe means fo crude transportation. The religion of environmentalism is also discussed in The Weekly Word. Share on FacebookShare… Read More
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The Weekly Bakken Get Together: U.S. Senator John Hoeven

In the latest installment of The Weekly Bakken Get Together, host Jason Spiess sits down with U.S. Senator John Hoeven to discuss: Energy development in the Bakken Comments on North Dakota Governor’s challenge to oil and gas Quality of life increases in the Bakken How energy is driving ND’s entrepreneurship UAS, Big Data and impacts Importance of Succession planning Share… Read More
Interview: Continental’s Hulsey Talks Shipping Oil Overseas #OilmanNEWS Oil and Gas News Podcasts 

Interview: Continental’s Hulsey Talks Shipping Oil Overseas

Interview: Blu Hulsey, Senior Vice President of Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs, Continental Resources Continental Resources, Inc. recently announced its first-ever sale of Bakken oil specifically for delivery overseas. Continental Resources has sold 1,005,000 barrels of crude oil for November delivery to Atlantic Trading and Marketing (“ATMI”), which intends to export the oil to China. Continental Resources is a top 15… Read More
Interview: Charles Ohlsen, Completions Specialist, Whiting Petroleum #OilmanNEWS Oil and Gas News Podcasts 

Interview: Charles Ohlsen, Completions Specialist, Whiting Petroleum

Interview:  Charles Ohlsen, Completions Specialist, Whiting Petroleum Charles Ohlsen explains what a refrac is and how Whiting is using the technology in the Bakken.  He also explains the difference between a regular frac and a refrac. The interview then transitions into technology and Big Data in the Bakken.  How it is being used and how the industry, overall, is viewing… Read More
Interview with Dave McCarthy, Senior Director of Products at Bsquare #OilmanNEWS Oil and Gas News Podcasts 

Interview: Dave McCarthy with Bsquare

Interview: Dave McCarthy, Senior Director of Products, Bsquare McCarthy discusses the technology integration happening in the oil and gas industry and how where companies are finding success. According to McCarthy, Bsquare is an industrial IoT solutions provider that offers data analytics solutions for oil & gas companies, as a sector of application, to help them maximize efficiency and improved uptime.… Read More
The Crude Life Interview: Lindberg Backs the Bakken #OilmanNEWS Oil and Gas News Podcasts 

Interview: Lindberg Backs the Bakken

Interview: Rob Lindberg, Bakken Backers Lindberg explains how the Bakken Backers are helping oil and gas companies in western North Dakota.  Lindberg also talks about his public speaking events where he and Kathy Neset perform Bakken informational sessions. Bakken Backers is a coalition of businesses, leaders, workers, and citizens who support the Bakken and its benefit to North Dakota. There… Read More
Professional Speaker Lindquist Shares His Oil and Gas Experience #OilmanNEWS Oil and Gas News Podcasts 

Professional Speaker Lindquist Shares His Oil and Gas Experience

Mark J. Lindquist understands the power of timing and networking in North Dakota.  Lindquist shares his experience on how he ended up speaking at the 2016 North Dakota Petroleum Council’s annual meeting. “I didn’t necessarily have a foot in the door with the oil and gas industry,” Lindquist said. “People in the audience have connections and they say ‘my goodness… Read More
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