Dr. Marcin Nazaruk Wins Prestigious SHP Trailblazer Award

Dr. Marcin Nazaruk Wins Prestigious SHP Trailblazer Award


UNITED KINGDOM — The SHP Awards focus on health and safety professionals and their achievements in positively impacting workplace safety.

Dr. Nazaruk was nominated for the Trailblazer Award because of his contribution to workplace safety through the Learning from Normal Work framework, which concentrates on identifying and managing precursors to accidents before they ever happen.

Dr. Nazaruk has levied a critical impact on multiple industries through his approach to reducing the risk of future accidents, quality defects and operational issues. How Learning from Normal Work helps companies reduce risk Learning from Normal Work is based on recognizing that success and failure have the same
causes: people’s adaptations to local constraints. Most of the time, these adaptations allow the work to be completed without a problem and rarely contribute to accidents.

Learning from Normal Work is a practical, research-based methodology that enables companies to proactively find things that make the work difficult and increase the chances of error or procedural non-compliance before accidents.

The methodology includes training and practical tools for leaders, supervisors and front-line workers that can be applied either as a standalone effort or integrated into the existing processes such as:

1. Behavioral observations
2. Leadership visits
3. Risk assessment
4. Accident investigations
5. OPS and HSE leadership training and development

Many of the world’s largest organizations use learning from Normal Work to integrate proactive learning into existing processes and identify precursors of problems, quality defects, and operational issues before they happen.


As a way of thanking the HSE community, Dr Marcin Nazaruk has made his introductory course available free of charge.

The course covers the introduction to key concepts, examples, and case studies.

See the detailed agenda here: https://learningfromnormalwork.com/email-course/.

About Dr. Marcin Nazaruk
Dr. Nazaruk’s SHP Trailblazer Award is his latest award in a career of numerous achievements, including his 2022 Society of Petroleum Engineers International Health, Safety, and Environment Award and the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors 2021 President’s Award.

Marcin is the lead author of the industry guides on the topic of Learning from Normal Work published by SPE, IOGP, or HPOG, and developed a range of practical tools and solutions for the front-line and senior leaders alike.

Dr Nazaruk’s background combines a number of advanced degrees in safety, psychology and management, with two decades of practical application across multiple industries and all organizational levels, from the front line to the C-Suite.

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