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September 21, 2020
GasBuddy Launches Deal Alerts, Lowering Consumer Fuel Cost by Hundreds Each Year

Get Better Gas Smileage™ — GasBuddy’s New Deal Alerts App Feature Can Lower Consumer Fuel Cost by Hundreds Each Year

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BOSTON — Since the introduction of the “horseless carriage,” motorists have been confronted with a singular reality: the price on the street corner is the price you have to pay at the pump. GasBuddy is turning that experience on its head.

Today, the travel and navigation app that is used by more North American drivers to save money on gas, has announced the new “Deal Alerts” app feature, an innovative fuel-purchasing experience that gives motorists below-advertised gas prices that are uniquely tailored to the individual based on factors such as location, retailer- and partner-funded discounts, and app-use frequency.

A Flash Sale for the Gas Tank, Everyday 

Studies have found that consumers are creatures of habit when it comes to buying gas, going to the most convenient station or filling up at the same one over and over again, which leads to overspending.

Now, with GasBuddy Deal Alerts, there is more at stake. How much more? Upwards of 25-cents per-gallon more. By simply checking the GasBuddy app and using the Pay with GasBuddy card, consumers can access deeper, dynamic discounts personalized to them.

“We’re embarking on one of our most significant product updates with the Deal Alerts feature,” said Sarah McCrary, GasBuddy’s chief executive officer. “For nearly two decades GasBuddy has helped consumers save money by surfacing gas prices, and then more directly by introducing Pay with GasBuddy, a payments program that provides a fixed discount on every fill-up. Now with Deal Alerts, GasBuddy is doing the heavy lifting by piecing together ways to bring down the price for the consumer. At the end of the day: check the GasBuddy app, and save.”

How Personalized Dynamic “Deal Alerts” Work in GasBuddy 

  • Location: Gas prices vary dramatically between street corners, and even greater between cities and states. The higher the gas price in your area, the bigger the potential savings.
  • Brand Partnerships: GasBuddy has a network of relationships with fuel, consumer and lifestyle brands. To attract customers, a brand can provide cents off per gallon to make them more competitive.
  • App-use Frequency: Users who are more active on the GasBuddy platform, which includes entering gas prices, using Pay with GasBuddy, participating in the GasBack program, will be awarded with steeper discounts.

Deal Alerts is now available to all Pay with GasBuddy users. To start saving on every fill-up with Deal Alerts, sign up for the free Pay with GasBuddy program and download the latest version of the GasBuddy app in the Apple or Google Play store. Starting today, the first 10,000 people who sign for Pay with GasBuddy will receive $5 in GasBack.

About GasBuddy 

For budget-minded drivers, GasBuddy is the travel and navigation app that is used by more North American drivers to save money on gas than any other. Unlike fuel retailer apps, as well as newer apps focused on fuel savings, GasBuddy covers 150,000+ gas stations in North America, giving drivers 27 ways to save on fuel.  That’s why GasBuddy has been downloaded nearly 90mm times – more than any other travel and navigation app focused on gas savings. GasBuddy’s publishing and software businesses enable the world’s leading fuel, convenience, QSR and CPG companies to shorten the distance between the North American fueling public and their brands. For more information, visit www.gasbuddy.com.

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