Meet The Whole LNG Sector In The Growing Industry Arena At LNGCON 2024

The 10th anniversary International LNG Congress is going to gather LNG key players in Italy, Milan on March, 11-12, 2024. Among the participants are gas majors, EPCs, local gas companies, LNG shipping, truck and fleet owners, terminals and ports, equipment manufacturers, and service providers.

These days Italy takes the third place among importers of LNG in Europe. Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s new prime minister, declared that “Italy is the natural gateway to energy and supplying Europe” after her official visits to Algeria and Libya in January 2023.

Moreover, major local LNG companies shared their strategies on development and management of LNG infrastructure in Italy. For example, Alessio Torelli, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Snam4Mobility, emphasized during his presentation at LNGCON 2023: “Snam, that is working for Italian energy security, is getting ready to receive increasing LNG volumes shifting from 2021 20% share on total Italian gas demand to 40% share in 2026”.

His speech took place at the 9th International LNG Congress in Dusseldorf, Germany. Alessio added that the company is planning “relevant investments both in small-scale LNG assets and in developing LNG filling stations network throughout Italy”.

To be in contact with other key industry players, delegates from Snam4Mobility are joining the 10th International LNG Congress in Milan as a Regional Partner. The main mission of the company, as Snam4Mobility shared, is to develop and manage Italian infrastructural small scale LNG projects and boost the growth of the distribution network promoting road and maritime transport, and also sustainable off-grid applications.

All of these points could happen in the near future by strategic and effective partnerships with the whole LNG value chain, which LNGCON 2024 assembles. Moreover, the delegates are going to have a look at current market trends and case studies to develop the sector.

The business program of LNGCON 2024 highlights the following topics:

  • LNG market dynamics towards energy transition;
  • overview of bunkering infrastructure and its latest developments;
  • LNG as a transportation fuel;
  • bio-LNG and synthetic LNG today and their decarbonization potential;
  • case studies on small-scale LNG technologies;
  • gas supplies to Europe: pricing and trading strategies.

In 2024 Congress is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary edition. During nine years LNGCON has been fuelling the industry by mutually beneficial networking and successful long-term partnerships. So, Christoph Lütge, CEO of OELTECHNIK, shared impressions about his attendance of LNGCON 2023: “What we are finding at the Congress is any kind of customers or partners within the LNG arena”.

Another delegate Martin Cartwright from DNV added that “LNGCON allows us to speak to those we want to speak. It makes a stand out event because those meetings are vital for us to network properly”.

Be a part of the 10th anniversary edition with the whole value chain: https://sh.bgs.group/13s

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