New mobile app from New York Blower helps customers access fan information on-demand

New York Blower Introduces Mobile App To Access On-Demand Fan Information

Willowbrook, IL, — The New York Blower Company, a leading manufacturer of premium-quality fans and blowers for the industrial marketplace, has introduced the New York Blower (nyb) mobile app to help nyb fan users find information about their fans and order replacement parts. Using the app, customers can access fan information on-demand, calculate changes in operating conditions and connect with their local sales representative from a mobile device.

“The New York Blower mobile app gives end users the information they need to calculate how changes will affect operating conditions, making it easier for them to continue normal operations,” says Margaret Wood, Marketing Manager at New York Blower. “Customers can also order replacement parts, contact their local representative, or send fan information to others, all making it quicker for them to get the results they need.”

Customers who have ordered fans since January 2000 can use the app’s search function to quickly collect information specific to a fan with a shop or fan serial number without returning to a computer or calling a sales representative. The app houses product manuals, specifications, model information, product drawings, curves, wheel type, impeller type, original operating conditions and more. Engineers and operations managers can save previous searches and label fans according to an application or the fan’s location for future reference, storing all nyb fan information in one place.

The app also includes:

  • A function to look up and purchase replacement parts and components such as wheels, motors, shafts and more.
  • An airflow capabilities calculator that compares the original operating conditions with current airflow needs to assess how changing fan speed affects fan performance and eliminates wasted energy.
  • The contact information for their local sales representative in one click.

The nyb mobile app is free to download now in the Apple® and Google Play™ stores. For more information,

About The New York Blower Company

The New York Blower Company is a leading manufacturer of premium-quality fans and blowers for the industrial marketplace. The company engineers products, including axial fans, centrifugal fans, replacement parts for rebuilds and accessories that move air in the most demanding commercial and industrial applications. Industries including agriculture, foundry, petrochemical, railroad and more have relied on New York Blower for individual, flexible, customized solutions that meet specific requirements for unique applications for 130 years. For more information, visit

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