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September 18, 2020

Subsea Well Intervention Report: What Next for the GOM?

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The current low cost environment is having a huge impact on well intervention projects in the GOM as market conditions and aging assets are increasing the need for acid stimulation, snubbing, e-line, slickline and coiled tubing operations. Ahead of the 3rd Annual Offshore Well Intervention Conference (Houston, October 19-20), SeaNation shared a very interesting report on the topic which includes:

  • An overview of how the lack of exploration, development drilling and well construction activity is giving way to opportunities for well intervention and decommissioning activity
  • An analysis of RLWI vessels, complex multi-purpose semi-submersibles & monohulls and the effect that their specifications, availability & day rates may have on your subsea operations
  • A reflection on how commercial alliances could lead to developments such as single point contracting to offer a simplified commercial & procurement approach to intervention

You can access the full report for free at http://tinyurl.com/OM-Intervention-Report

For more information on the Subsea Well Intervention Report or the conference, please contact Sam Scarpa at sscarpa@offsnet.com

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