Technical Toolboxes forms strategic alliance with Metegrity, Inc.

Technical Toolboxes Forms Strategic Alliance with Metegrity, Inc.

HOUSTON – Technical Toolboxes, the leading global provider of integrated and cloud-based pipeline software, consulting and industry training for pipeline engineering and technical professionals, has formed a strategic alliance with Metegrity, Inc., an industry leader in quality and asset integrity management software solutions for oil and gas upstream, midstream and downstream operators. The partnership will provide complementary software capabilities for improving work flow automation in the midstream pipeline lifecycle.

Martin Fingerhut, President and CEO, Technical Toolboxes, said, “The strategic alliance between Technical Toolboxes and Metegrity adds complementary features to our pipeline lifecycle engineering solution set. Metegrity’s Pipeline Enterprise (PE) software as a service is the most advanced in-field data capture solution on the market today.”Technical Toolboxes forms strategic alliance with Metegrity, Inc.

The PE platform works in remote new pipeline construction locations, resolving data inconsistency issues associated with quality, construction progress, personnel and project performance. The PE platform for infield data capture and The Pipeline Toolbox engineering solutions are available in real time leading up to pipeline construction, during pipeline construction and after the pipeline is buried. Adrian Met, CEO, Metegrity, said, “The synergy between Technical Toolboxes and Metegrity drives the digitization of construction and engineering data. Together we are enhancing productivity and improving safety and security.”

“Technical Toolboxes is committed to delivering best-in-class services and software and we are excited to partner with Metegrity, Inc. Together, we will provide a dynamic solution set for the pipeline industry,” Fingerhut concluded.

About Metegrity

Metegrity is a globally trusted provider of comprehensive quality & asset integrity management software solutions, protecting more than $550 billion in assets across 850 facilities worldwide. Praised for unparalleled speed of deployment, our products are also highly configurable – allowing our experts to strategically tailor them to your business practices. With more than 20 years in the industry, we proudly service top tier global organizations in the Oil & Gas, Pipeline & Chemical industries. For more information, visit

About Technical Toolboxes

Technical Toolboxes is an industry leader in pipeline software, online resources and technical training for the midstream energy industry. Founded in 1996, we are committed to delivering online tools relevant for the midstream pipeline sector that enable operators to ensure standardized practices as they manage complex projects – both from their office and in the field. Find out more at

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