Why Home and Business Owners Are Relying on Inverter Generators

Why Home and Business Owners are Relying on Inverter Generators


When you aren’t able to rely on traditional power sources to keep your home or business operational, you may be wondering what some excellent alternatives can be. Fortunately, you aren’t short of options, with generators being one of the most popular ways to power homes and businesses during power outages.

However, before you make your purchase, you may like to weigh up your options. Here’s why many home and business owners are deciding that inverter generators are the right option for them.


Even though high sales numbers show purchasers that inverter generators are popular, you may still be wondering why an inverter generator is better than other options like a conventional portable generator.

One of the most standout reasons for its popularity is its weight and size. This compact unit is more lightweight than other generators on the market, and some even come with wheels and carry handles.

As a result, you can move it to various job sites if you’re relying on them to power your work tools. In part, they are able to remain small and lightweight because they have smaller fuel storage tanks than conventional generators.

Fuel Efficiency

When you want to use less fuel and save money, search ‘what is an inverter generator’ to learn about their efficiency before making your purchasing decision. Inverter generators operate differently from traditional ones, which means you may be able to save fuel, just as you would try to do when driving your car.

A standard portable generator engine runs at a continuous 3600 RPM to deliver 120 volts. However, an inverter doesn’t have to do that. It runs at whatever speed is necessary to power specific devices, which means it can run at slower speeds and save fuel. This benefit also ties in with portability since an inverter generator doesn’t need to have a large fuel tank when it’s using less fuel.

Safe for Sensitive Devices

Many businesses and homeowners would be concerned about plugging their smartphones, TVs, and laptops into portable generators, and for a good reason. Their energy isn’t steady enough not to put such devices at risk of damage.

Inverter generators have a form of ‘clean’ energy, which means they produce perfect sine waves that are unlikely to damage sensitive electronics. You may even be able to use them to power medical machines if necessary.

Low Noise

No matter which generator type you buy, you will always notice some noise. Although, you are likely to encounter less than you were expecting by choosing an inverter generator. As their engines operate at slower speeds, they don’t produce as much noise.

Many of these units also often come with mufflers and enclosed casings to quieten them even further. Typically, inverter generators produce around 60 decibels, which tends to be about the same noise level as a normal conversation or slightly more than a household refrigerator.

Even though there are many standout generator types on the market to suit different industries, inverter generators are proving to be a standout option. Their portability, efficiency, and safety measures may mean you consider them for your own house or business.

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