WolfePak Software Acquires LandPro Corp

WolfePak Software Acquires LandPro Corp

ABILENE, Texas, – WolfePak Software (“WolfePak”), a leading provider of financial, accounting and regulatory compliance software to the oil and gas industry announced today its acquisition of LandPro, a leading provider of tract-based land and GIS software solutions for the coal, mineral, oil and gas industries.  LandPro extends WolfePak’s existing land offering by enhancing the ability to record and manage land inventory details such as lease, contract, tract ownership and ownership history of land parcels including mineral and surface details. Another highlight is the addition of GIS Mapping that integrates and overlays critical land data onto maps allowing the accurate and efficient exchange of data between finance and land personnel.  Upon acquisition, LandPro will operate under the WolfePak brand.

“Combining LandPro with the WolfePak Software suite allows us to offer our customers a seamless, direct integration of land data into our ERP. Meaning one single source of data feeds accounting and land operations which can significantly increase efficiencies in both areas,” said Brent J. Rhymes, CEO of WolfePak. “We are very excited to welcome LandPro’s employees and customers to the WolfePak team and are looking forward to delivering new capabilities to both customer bases.”

LandPro began operations in 1990 based in Spring, Texas developing innovative software to automate lease management, contract administration, GIS mapping and revenue distribution. Its flagship products Visual LandPro and LandPro GIS save companies time and money by eliminating duplicate data entry and data silos as well as granting immediate access to reports, maps, scanned documents and other pertinent land management information. Visual LandPro generates over 280 reports, including various Exhibit A’s, Acreage Inventories, Payment Obligation Reports, Rental Checks and Receipts, Expense Summaries, Net Revenue Interest Reports, Division Orders, Mining Royalty Payments and more.

“With the added resources of WolfePak Software behind the LandPro product, we can now accelerate the innovative development of new features and land management solutions.  A fully integrated land to ERP solution enhances our current offering allowing us to greatly expand our customer base,” commented Luigi Ballatori, founder and CEO of LandPro Corp. “We are all excited to join the WolfePak team and continuing our mission of the last 29 years to provide land management software that improves the productivity of oil, gas and mining companies.”

The capabilities of the LandPro product suite combined with WolfePak ERP will enable the automated exchange of critical information such as payment terms, expiration dates, obligations, contract terms within WolfePak.  The offering will be available as an add-on module to the WolfePak ERP suite as well as a stand-alone product compatible with other 3rd party integrations.  Reaction from WolfePak and LandPro’s mutual customers has been positive.

“Our firm has used both the WolfePak ERP and LandPro Visual LandPro products for years, which together facilitate greater efficiency for us,” said Chris R. Pettigrew, CEO of Pettigrew & Pettigrew Land Services, an oil, gas and mineral lease management service provider. “We see the integration of these products into a unified solution as a very positive development. With the ability to seamlessly exchange and manage the data both systems need from one platform, we expect to yield further gains in productivity.”

WolfePak looks forward to continuing the legacy established by LandPro of providing best-in-class service and technology leadership in providing land management software and solutions.

About WolfePak Software

WolfePak Software offers a fully integrated suite of software products for oil and gas upstream and midstream customers, including exploration and production well operators, first purchasers, transporters, haulers, investors, CPA firms and service companies.  Located in Abilene, deep in the heart of the Texas oil patch, WolfePak serves customers throughout the United States and the world. With its staff of experienced software developers, CPAs and oil and gas professionals, WolfePak has provided best-of-breed accounting and automation software and services since 1986. For more information, please visit www.wolfepak.com.

About LandPro

LandPro Corp was founded in 1990 by Luigi Ballatori. LandPro is a privately- held software development firm based in Spring, Texas that specializes in providing software products and support to oil, gas and coal mining companies. LandPro primarily serves the land departments of small to mid-sized oil and gas exploration companies, as well as field land service companies, independent land owners, and coal mining companies. For more information, please visit http://landpro.com/.

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