WolfePak Software’s Charlie Wolfe Steps Down as CEO

WolfePak Software’s Charlie Wolfe Steps Down as CEO

WolfePak Software LLC, a leading provider of financial, accounting and regulatory compliance software to the oil and gas industry, announced that founder and CEO Charlie Wolfe is stepping down as the CEO of the company. Wolfe remains a significant shareholder and member of the WolfePak board of directors, and becomes a senior adviser to the company.

“In his new role, Charlie will continue to serve the company by advising on key projects,” said Christina Pai, chairperson of the board for WolfePak.

In the interim, James Colony, a seasoned, innovative senior executive with 20+ years of leadership experience and success, has been named the acting leader for WolfePak. Colony will be collaborating closely with Wolfe to ensure continuity and a seamless transition.

“I’ve worked closely with Charlie Wolfe for more than 25 years, and greatly admire his amazing leadership skills and business savvy,” said Karen Massey, CFO for WolfePak Software. “Under his watch, we’ve built the reputation of continually evolving our solutions to address customers’ ever-changing needs, while at the same time providing world-class customer service and training. We’re excited about continuing to grow and build on WolfePak’s strong foundation.”

WolfePak Software was founded in 1986 to address the specific needs of oil and gas accounting. As a CPA in the oil and gas industry himself, Wolfe understood the unique challenges faced by fellow oil and gas accountants. During the past 30 years, WolfePak’s oil and gas software products have become some of the most widely used solutions in the industry, with more than 2,800 installations. Its broad base of customers ranges from start-up companies drilling their first wells to operators managing thousands of wells and acquiring properties on a regular basis.

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